Facilities and Real Estate Services

“…From our first meetings,(Parmetech) demonstrated a willingness to develop a solution that would meet our needs rather than just make a quick sale. Over a period of months, as those needs shifted and evolved, they worked with us to provide information and recommendations that were in the best interest of our division. That, in and of itself, is very impressive, however, the difference between success and failure comes in the implementation process and in that area Parmetech was outstanding.

…I look forward to being able to recommend your company to any other division that has printer/copier needs. “

Higher Education

“During the purchasing phase of our project that Parmetech team was able to provide us with right-sized solutions that were not as constrained by dealing directly with a vendor’s sales objective. They presented us with an option that was less profitable to them but that was responsive to the requirements that we provided them… Particularly I would like to highlight their support during the deployment phase, in which Parmetech’s personnel proved to be instrumental… Having Parmetech staff onsite who were already knowledgeable with hardware and software that were new to my team helped to make a task that may have been nearly impossible during the academic year into one that was nearly transparent”.