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ViewSonic Interactive Boards & Digital Displays

ViewSonic digital whiteboards, commercial and interactive digital displays, digital kiosks, billboards, and more.

ViewBoard® Interactive
Flat Panel Digital Displays

Connect & Collaborate

A centerpiece for collaboration, ViewSonic ViewBoard interactive display solutions deliver incredible interactive capabilities for 21st-century boardrooms and classrooms. Featuring huge touchscreens, ViewBoard lets multiple users write, edit, and draw onscreen for dynamic presentations and creative brainstorming. Easy-to-use annotation software makes interactivity a snap, and empowers users with instant collaboration and content sharing across an office, across campus, and across the globe.  Find the best interactive flat panel for your workplace or education needs!
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large displays

Large Format Presentation Digital Displays

Make teamwork work

Meetings start fast with easy wireless content sharing to ViewSonic® CDE 4K Ultra HD premium displays. Conference rooms and huddle spaces are transformed into smart, connected spaces where employees, in the meeting, in a different office, and across the globe, can collaborate more productively.

All-In-One Digital Display Kiosks

Create & Communicate

Physical deployment, content creation and message delivery could hardly be easier than with our all-in-one kiosks and billboards. These vibrant digital displays feature integrated pro-grade media players, combined with easy-to-use content design and management software. With slim good looks and a durable design, they’re just the ticket for virtually any public display application.
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scale up education

SCALE-UP in Education

Collaborative. Hands-on. Computer focused.

Several university-level institutions have taken the bold step to research, codify, and implement a comprehensive strategy that addresses the need for computer-aided collaboration in the classroom with an eye towards interactivity and media integration. That’s where SCALE-UP comes in.

Visual Display Solutions for Enterprise

Work smarter, faster, and more efficiently with powerful visual solutions designed to improve your business


manage more productive meetings with viewsonic

Organize and manage more productive and collaborative meetings


create engaging communications for your business with viewsonic

Consistent communications across your organization


manage your workflow with viewsonic software solutions

Software solutions that manage your workflow seamlessly and efficiently

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Digital Display Solutions FAQs

What is an interactive whiteboard?2019-12-04T23:05:42+00:00

There are many benefits ViewSonic ViewBoards provide for both education and business environments including increased productivity, collaboration, and cost savings. Check out the benefits of ViewBoard or contact us for more information: 1 (800)- 727 6383

What is myviewboard?2019-12-04T23:06:14+00:00

myViewBoard is a digital whiteboard in the cloud built with online interactive technologies that allow groups to access dynamic tools through any touch displays and devices for creating engaging content.

Where do you buy whiteboards for classrooms?2019-12-04T23:08:03+00:00

Parmetech provides a wide variety of interactive whiteboards for teachers across the nation to improve their classroom efficiency. Learn more about our products today.

How much does a smart board cost?2019-12-04T23:08:24+00:00

The prices of a ViewSonic ViewBoard will vary depending upon your needs. As a ViewSonic partner, we guarantee to provide you with competitive pricing. Ask us about our First Time Buyer special on interactive displays!

What is the best interactive display for education purposes?2019-12-04T23:08:56+00:00

The award-winning ViewSonic ViewBoard IFP50 Series features 4K Ultra HD resolution, 20-point touch, and deliver incredible interactive capabilities for the 21st century classroom. Each ViewBoard comes with a free license of the award-winning myViewBoard software.

Where can I find an interactive whiteboard online for teachers?2019-12-04T23:06:41+00:00

Parmetech is a proud distributor of top-rated ViewSonic ViewBoard interactive displays. Browse through our products today.

What are the best higher education solutions for whiteboards?2019-12-04T23:09:22+00:00

The ViewSonic ViewBoards from Parmetech are a great way to enhance the learning experience and prepare college students for a transition into the workforce. Learn more about our education solutions.

What are the best business management solutions for interactive displays?2019-12-04T23:09:43+00:00

The award-winning ViewSonic ViewBoard IFP50 Series features 4K Ultra HD resolution, 20-point touch, and offer a customizable, secure, and future-proof whiteboarding solution for any meeting room. Learn more about our business solutions.

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