ViewSonic ViewBoard Interactive Displays

ViewSonic’s interactive displays are the perfect way to engage and collaborate with your team. ViewBoard is an interactive whiteboard that provides an intuitive and easy-to-use interaction experience for all users. With ViewSonic’s interactive displays, you can easily create dynamic and productive work sessions.

Whether this is the first time you’re purchasing a ViewSonic interactive display or
you’re looking to add more interactive displays to your environment, we’ve got you covered!


We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for education environments. That’s why whether for K-12 or higher education, applying Common Core State Standards, or getting your students college- and career-ready,  we offer a broad array of future-proof ViewSonic interactive flat panels and digital whiteboards to fit your changing education needs – for in-person learning, distance learning, and/or hybrid learning.


ViewSonic interactive displays for business allow you to transform your conference room into a smart, connected space where employees – whether in the meeting or joining remotely – can collaborate more productively. With a variety of sizes to choose from, there’s an interactive display to fit your unique needs. ViewSonic’s interactive displays are the perfect way to improve productivity and collaboration in your workplace.


If you’re looking for an interactive display that is perfect for the classroom or the workplace, ViewSonic has you covered. With a range of sizes and resolutions to choose from, as well as a built-in Android OS, ViewSonic’s ViewBoard IFP50 and IFP52 series offer everything you need to get the most out of your next teaching or meeting experience.


This ViewSonic series brings together the best in hardware and software for a complete collaborative and interactive solution.


Featured interactive display sizes of the ViewBoard IFP52 series

Perfect for Google Schools! High-accuracy 4K Android EDLA-Certified interactive display series for seamless integration with the Google ecosystem.


Premium 4K  projected capacitive touchscreens for a one-of-a-kind interactive experience for both workplace and education environments.


Our most affordable option: Budget-friendly, OS-less 4K interactive whiteboards that seamlessly and easily integrate with your existing hardware.



myViewboard Suite

ViewSonic myViewBoard™ suite is a powerful digital whiteboarding software that combines enterprise-level security with cloud-based portability and annotation tools. It enables teachers to build dynamic lesson plans, import engaging content, and share lessons with students – all with one easy click. With a ViewSonic digital whiteboard and myViewBoard™ software, your teams can connect and collaborate like never before. Whether yours is a Windows, Android, or Chrome environment, myViewBoard works well with existing technology and seamlessly integrates into nearly any classroom, meeting room, or huddle space.

Professional Development

As a leading provider of ViewSonic interactive boards and panels, we offer Professional Development and Customized Training sessions to deliver in-depth myViewBoard training – helping educators and business professionals alike to maximize their technology investment and to master their ViewBoard interactive display and myViewBoard software in the classroom or workplace.


Integrated Screen Sharing

ViewBoard Cast software enables content streaming from mobile devices onto a ViewSonic interactive display over wireless or cable networks. Multiple users can simultaneously annotate content (such as documents, cloud files, multimedia, etc.) on their devices in real time, and then stream and share that content onto the ViewSonic interactive display. ViewBoard Cast also features an integrated dual user interface (UI) that allows users to annotate content from their devices while simultaneously viewing content on the ViewSonic interactive display.

Responsive Touch

Using fingers, styluses, or both, multiple users can simultaneously write or draw on the huge ViewBoard panel. This ViewSonic interactive board highly accurate interactive screen provides for an incredibly natural and responsive handwriting experience.


ViewBoard Accessories

With a few simple add-ons, your ViewBoard display can do much, much more. Optimize your ViewBoard display and enhance classroom and meeting room collaboration with accessories such as slot-in PCs, cameras, floor stands, and mobile carts.

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ViewSonic ViewBoard interactive flat panel displays are used to create engagement, through more effective meetings and interactive classroom technology. Learn more about out our office technology solutions by contacting us today.

ViewSonic Flat Panels
ViewSonic Flat Panels

ViewSonic Interactive Flat Panels Frequently Asked Questions

A ViewSonic smart display, also known as a ViewSonic ViewBoard, is an interactive flat panel display that delivers the ultimate digital whiteboarding solution for collaborative environments such as classrooms, meeting rooms, conference rooms, lecture halls, and huddle spaces. Whether you’re looking to add interactivity and collaboration to an educational environment or business environment, ViewSonic interactive displays are some of the best the smart display market has to offer.

  • Classrooms
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • Lecture Halls
  • Huddle Spaces

Interactive flat panels offer a number of benefits for both educators and businesses.

  • In the classroom, interactive flat panels can be used to create engaging and interactive lesson plans.
  • In business environments, interactive flat panels can be used for more effective meetings and presentations.

Interactive flat panels also offer a number of features that traditional displays don’t, such as the ability to annotate, draw, and highlight directly on the screen.