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Free Device Lifetime
Warranty and Service

Most printers come with a limited warranty. Xerox printers last a lifetime – with no contract.

What do you get?

Free lifetime repairs 

Automatic supply monitoring and ordering 

No commitment – cancel any time 

To get free lifetime warranty and service on your Xerox device(s), simply sign up below and download the Supplies Assistant app to your desktop and let us take it from there.

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For most companies, the cost of office printing—cost-per-print, routine maintenance, and service—is an unexplored opportunity for significant, cumulative savings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Usually Take for My Supplies to Arrive?2019-10-08T17:17:18+00:00

Orders are placed online using a credit card and your credit card information is not retained by the service. Payment on open account terms is also available. Contact Parmetech for details.

Orders are fulfilled by your Parmetech’s distributor. Inventory levels of most SKUs are stocked in bulk, so whatever you need is virtually always on-hand, ready to ship.

Supplies are shipped within 24 hours after they are ordered. Standard shipment is ground, which can be upgraded to overnight whenever needed. Order status can be reviewed online, at any time.

How Will I Know When and What Supplies to Order?2019-10-08T17:20:25+00:00

Supplies provided through the Xerox eConcierge® service are genuine quality to extend the life of your equipment, as well as ensure reliable performance, dependable print yields and the excellent print quality you expect.

You will be notified by email when printer supplies are low. Alerts are triggered when printer supplies are nearing low levels and again when they have reached low levels. A “low level” is based on settings determined by the manufacturer, however you can see for yourself the percentage of remaining life for each supply online and decide whether or not it’s time to place an order.

The Supplies Assistant handles the management of printer model numbers and individual part numbers for refills. Just select the printer you want, to see a list of the correct supplies. If a printer has standard and high-capacity supplies, both options are listed.

What are the Terms and Conditions?2019-10-08T17:20:52+00:00

The Xerox eConcierge® service can be used and ended at any time without further obligation. However, in order to earn and maintain the lifetime warranty benefit on Xerox® printers, the service must be used continuously without interruption. Activate your lifetime warranty simply by using eConcierge for a minimum of 30 days and by ordering two eligible supply items for each qualifying Xerox® printer.

How Many People in My Company Can Use the Service?2019-10-08T17:20:14+00:00

The number of users is unlimited. Each copy of the Supplies Assistant desktop application monitors only the printers that each user has selected to manage.

How Do I Install the Supplies Assistant Desktop Application?2019-10-08T17:14:47+00:00

You can download the Supplies Assistant desktop application via this link. You can also click on the “Sign Up” button below to get started. It’s quick and easy to install. Just follow the onscreen instructions to add it to a computer on the same network as the printers you support.

The following minimum computer specifications are required:

  • TCI/IP (Network Transmission Control Protocol) active
  • Operating System: Windows 7; Windows 10; Mac OS current and previous version
  • User Datagram Protocol (UDT) active
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 9 and 10 on Windows 7; Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8; Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1; Safari 6.1 on Mac OS 10.8; Safari 7 on Mac OS 10.9; Firefox 26 or Chrome 32 on Windows 7 or greater and on Mac OS 10.8 or greater
  • 120MB RAM (70MB application, 50MB for monitoring service)
How are My Printers Serviced Through the eConcierge® Program?2019-10-08T17:13:25+00:00

Your lifetime service coverage* for eligible Xerox® printers and multifunction systems is delivered through the Xerox network of Authorized Service Providers. To qualify, simply use the service for a minimum of 30 days and with your second supplies order for each eligible Xerox® product, its extended service coverage begins. You must use the service continuously to maintain your coverage.

*Activate your lifetime warranty simply by using eConcierge for a minimum of 30 days and by ordering two eligible supply items for each qualifying Xerox® printer.

Which Printers are Supported?2019-10-08T17:12:24+00:00

The Xerox eConcierge® service supports networked office printers and multifunction systems manufactured by Xerox®, HP, Lexmark, Samsung and Brother. It does not include printers on USB connections or devices under a Managed Print Service agreement. Take a look at our supported product list to see if your printers are included.

What is the eConcierge® Service?2019-10-08T17:11:27+00:00

Most printers come with a limited warranty. Through Xerox eConcierge®, ours come with free lifetime service, including repair of your printers, and automatic supply tracking and ordering.

The Xerox eConcierge® service is provided at no cost by Parmetech. The Supplies Assistant, a small desktop application developed by Xerox, supports networked office printers from a variety of manufacturers. You can conveniently review the status of all of your printers online, at any time, from any location. If supplies are running low you will receive an email alert, and when you’re ready to place an order, the service provides an encrypted, secure online connection with one-stop shopping.

After two consecutive supply orders for each individual Xerox® printer, Xerox will provide free lifetime service coverage* as long as you continue placing your supply orders through the Xerox eConcierge® service. The lifetime service coverage has an average value of $1,280 per product. The savings on this extended service coverage for all of your eligible Xerox® printers adds up. You’ll spend much less time managing your printers, avoid supplies rush orders, and virtually eliminate downtime.

*Activate your lifetime warranty simply by using eConcierge for a minimum of 30 days and by ordering two eligible supply items for each qualifying Xerox® printer.

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