Transform Your Classroom Into An Immersive Learning Environment

ViewSonic education solutions drive engagement, energize and motivate students, and make teaching more fun.

From ViewBoard interactive displays and myViewBoard collaborative software, to projector solutions for aging whiteboards, we’ve got the solution for you to help you connect and collaborate like never before.

Interactive Learning

For learner-centered, technology-rich lessons, ViewSonic interactive ViewBoard displays and projectors encourage peer-to-peer collaboration between students and teachers alike. And with instant polling, game-based activities, and content sharing software, ViewSonic deliver the tools you need to inspire students and make learning more fun.

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Higher Education

When it comes to preparing college students for a transition into the workforce and having a successful career, collaborative technology on college campuses becomes that much more important. With 21st Century skills, students will have the adaptive qualities they need to keep up with a business environment that’s constantly evolving.

From collaboration hubs to front-facing teaching in large lecture halls, we have the tools to help develop 21st century skills and help you foster collaborative learning environments throughout your campus.

Campus Communication

Instantaneous communication is key for school events, emergency notifications, and even menu board changes in the cafeteria. ViewSonic provides a simple and efficient way of communicating with students, faculty, and staff—instantly, and across campus.

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Scale-Up Classroom

The SCALE-UP classroom places heavy emphasis on student collaboration and innovative technologies. Whether you’re dipping your toe in SCALE-UP, going full-scale SCALE-UP, or just heading toward something more collaborative, we can help create a well-designed, well-equipped classroom that encourages problem-solving, fosters creativity, and increases knowledge-sharing.

Print Technology and Management

Improve the educational experience of your faculty, staff, and students with the right print equipment and support. From our selection of Xerox color laser copiers and printers, black-and-white only laser copiers and printers, graphic printers, and more, we can help you modernize and enhance your educational environments while maximizing your budget.

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