Parmetech K-12 education solutions help connect teachers and students like never before.
Enhance the educational experience and boost productivity and efficiency across your campus or school.

As a local and national K-12 education technology solutions partner, Parmetech offers a number of different technology solutions for K-12 schools and academic institutions that revolutionize the way students learn and educators teach, provide new opportunities for collaboration, creativity, and innovation in the classroom, and improve the educational experience of faculty, staff, and students.

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Interactive Learning for K-12 Education

From classrooms to collaboration hubs to front-facing teaching in large lecture halls, we have the interactive learning tools to help enhance student education and foster collaborative learning environments throughout your school or campus.

Interactive Displays for K-12 Education

Interactive Displays for K-12 Education

For learner-centered, technology-rich lessons, ViewSonic interactive ViewBoard displays encourage peer-to-peer collaboration between students and teachers alike. Teachers can create a modern classroom with an interactive whiteboarding experience that is fit for any teaching level and student ability. And with instant polling, game-based activities, and content sharing software, ViewSonic delivers the tools you need to inspire students and make learning more fun.

Learning Software for K-12 Education

Interactive Learning Software

ViewSonic’s myViewBoard interactive learning software enables educators to teach and students to learn with engaging features and lessons. What’s more, this tech-agnostic software suite provides teachers with a tool to create a completely customizable learning environment and allows for seamless integration of existing education technology (EdTech) and easy device management.

K-12 Education Technology


Instantaneous campus communication is key when it comes to keeping students, faculty, and visitors informed. Digital signage is a terrific and flexible way to improve communication within schools and across districts, and provide information to students, teachers, and faculty quickly and effortlessly. Publish news and announcements, promote upcoming events, send alerts of emergency notifications, share social media feeds, and more — the possibilities are endless!

Digital signage displays for K-12 education can be implemented anywhere throughout a district. Our digital signage solutions provide a simple and efficient way of communicating with students, faculty, and staff no matter where they are located.

Digital Signage for K-12 Education


Cut down on classroom clutter and say goodbye to expensive docking stations with the ViewSonic® VG56 series of docking monitors. With monitor options of either 24″ or 27″ display size and a single USB-C cable that delivers video, audio, data and charging power to peripherals such as tablets and laptops, ViewSonic’s docking monitors help students and teachers improve efficiency and streamline their set up.

What’s more, ergonomic design features such as height adjustment, swivel, tilt, and pivot functionality enable any user to adjust the monitor to their exact preference quickly and easily for less strain and greater productivity.

docking monitors for higher education solutions


Globally, esports has grown into a billion-dollar industry, with millions in prizes, huge viewership metrics, and a surge of player growth. Esports in K-12 education opens up opportunities for students to build confidence, teamwork, and grit through competitive gaming, while helping them to develop the hard & soft skills necessary to prepare to pursue higher education and career pathways. Like any sport, esports requires talent, dedication, and the right tools:

    • Competition-Grade Hardware: Student athletes get to play with the same hardware as the pros.
    • Talk Strategy on an Interactive Display:Use ViewSonic’s digital whiteboarding in person or online to plan and execute tactics.
    • Ergonomics for Better Screen Time: ViewSonic’s Esports monitors are designed with built-in eyecare technologies and advanced ergonomic features to protect student athlete’s health.
esports for K-12 education

Download our Ultimate Guide to Educational Technology for your one-stop resource for understanding the latest learning trends in today’s 21st century classrooms and how to integrate EdTech to support these trends, increase student engagement, and improve learning outcomes.

the ultimate guide to educational technology (EdTech)

Hybrid Learning Solutions for K-12 Education

Hybrid education is becoming the new norm in K-12 education. Deliver a connected and collaborative classroom experience from any location, whether your students are in-person or virtual.

myViewBoard digital interactive whiteboard software

Today, education and classroom environments are constantly changing. It’s easier than ever to seamlessly connect the physical classrooms with digital learning through tools like ViewSonic pen displays, notepads, microphones, and more.

Whether you are teaching from home, or if you are back in the classroom, we can deliver a full suite of education solutions to help you reach your students no matter the location to make hybrid learning easier and empower the future of education. Our professional development sessions can help you get on track to hybrid learning in your classroom

Print Technology & Management

Improve the educational experience of your faculty, staff, and students with the right print equipment and support that bridges the gaps between your systems and print devices.

Reduce print spend, increase security, and improve efficiency throughout your education environment’s print and business processes.

We offer traditional Managed Print Services (MPS) as well as expanded capabilities that go beyond cost per page pricing models to advance the way administration, teachers, and students work together with technology.

We can help you deliver a more seamless work experience across paper and digital platforms.

From our selection of Xerox color laser copiers and printers, Xerox black-and-white copiers and printers, and more, we can help you modernize your educational environment, centralize your print ecosystem, and streamline workflows while maximizing your budget.

Print and Scan Image
  • Reduce paper usage and operational costs

  • Simplify billing

  • Control, track, and manage print output and policies for teachers and students

  • Recover costs with ‘pay for print’ systems

  • Introduce productive, user-friendly printing

  • Protect student information and sensitive data

  • Streamline workflows through digital files

Download our K-12 Education Solutions Look Book for a deep-dive into how Parmetech can partner with schools and districts through our K-12 education products/services offerings.

Document Management

Did you know, on average, work teams spend about 30% of the workday searching for documents?

The education field has unique information management challenges – from student records, to business data, to payroll.

We help education institutions save time and money by reducing paper intensive processes through flexible and secure workflow automation.

Searching files in database. document management, records and information management, documents tracking system concept.
  • Reduce costs and errors

  • Instant access to information and records

  • Free up valuable space

  • Protect against loss of data from aging paper originals

  • Disaster preparedness

Maximize your business potential with document management solutions

Increase Productivity with Education Apps

Is sharing course materials harder than it needs to be?

Are lesson prep and grading work eating into time meant for students?

Printer printing document wirelessly from mobile phone or smartphone wifi connection vector flat cartoon illustration, file air print on fax or ink jet via cellphone bluetootH

Education apps can help you be more productive, collaborative and effective.

  • Connect to Learning Management Systems
  • Automate grading
  • Take the strain out of checking for plagiarism
  • Simplify manual workflows
  • Improve communication between students and staff

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