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Interactive Whiteboards for K-12 Education from Parmetech

In today’s digital age, interactive learning is key to student engagement and success. Parmetech’s affordable interactive displays for K-12 education are designed to transform the classroom experience by fostering collaboration, creativity, and interactive learning.

Interactive whiteboards for K-12 education - Parmetech

Why Choose Parmetech for Your K-12 EdTech Needs

Parmetech is a certified WBE/MBE office and classroom technology solutions provider and consulting firm, dedicated to delivering world-class products, personalized service, and value with integrity and teamwork. We understand technology is an investment and the importance of helping people understand the technology tools they have been given. Our priority is to provide authentic experiences that give you actionable knowledge and resources for immediate use in the classroom. Call us today at 610-995-6683.

Educational technology such as interactive whiteboards has the potential to revolutionize the way we teach and learn, making classrooms more engaging, personalized, and effective. By understanding your school’s unique needs, the team at Parmetech works with you to help you successfully navigate the world of interactive whiteboards for K-12 education and find the best interactive whiteboards to enhance the educational experience for both teachers and students in your classroom environment.


As an elite ViewSonic partner, we’re proud to offer the ViewSonic interactive displays and myViewBoard software suite, which have been a part of enhancing millions of classrooms. In the ever-changing landscape of education, ViewSonic is leading the way to a brighter, more connected future for this generation and those that will follow.

Take a look at our interactive whiteboards for K-12 education options below. If you’re ready to embark on this journey, fill out the form to get started! We can support you from the initial phase of understanding your school’s needs through incorporating interactive technology into your classrooms and supporting your educators and teachers to get the most out of your EdTech investments. Fill out the form to learn more or schedule a meeting or demo with us today!

Looking for a standard classroom interactive display? Check out the ViewBoard IFP50-5 Series which brings together the best in hardware and software for a complete collaborative and interactive classroom solution.

Does your classroom need integration with the Google ecosystem? Consider the ViewBoard IFP 52 ED Series: a high-accuracy 4K Android EDLA-Certified interactive whiteboard for seamless integration with the Google platform.

Are you looking for an interactive display with the intention of connecting your own devices? Check out the ViewBoard IFPG1 Series, our OS-less, budget-friendly interactive whiteboard that seamlessly and easily integrates with your classroom’s existing hardware.


Parmetech provides a highly professional experience. We have been using Parmetech to purchase and deploy the Viewsonic Viewboards in our schools. We worked with Matt to bring concepts to reality, smoothly with excellent installation and training. Parmetech runs a top-notch operation and I would most definitely recommend them to anyone seeking a top-level experience.

Allan H.

We purchased a smart board from Parmetech. Parmetech was excellent to work with. Pricing was competitive and their customer service excellent.

Lee J.

Becca did a great job taking care of all of our interactive whiteboard needs. Highly recommend!

Bryan C.

Purchased two 86″ interactive displays from Parmetech. Working with this team is outstanding. Better, more personal interaction, as well as, much better pricing than two other industry leaders – Promethean and Clear-Touch. So far, we believe we made the right decision.

Dave H.

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the ultimate guide to educational technology (EdTech)

Education is constantly evolving, and learning trends are always changing to meet the needs of students and teachers. We’ve put together our ultimate guide to educational technology to be your one one-stop resource for understanding the latest learning trends in today’s 21st century classrooms. Download the guide below to learn more about the latest learning trends in today’s K-12 classrooms and how to integrate EdTech to support these trends, increase student engagement, and improve learning outcomes.

As K-12 educators strive to enhance learning experiences and engage students effectively, selecting the best EdTech tools has become a paramount challenge. The vast array of options can be overwhelming and not all EdTech tools are created equal. Parmetech offers a wide array of interactive learning tools, from enhancing student education in classrooms to fostering collaborative environments in large lecture halls and collaboration hubs. Our solutions, including simple and affordable digital signage solutions and interactive displays for education are designed to streamline communication and across K-12 campuses and improve the teaching and learning experience in classrooms of any size. Our interactive education solutions also support the growing trend of esports in education, which helps develop essential teamwork and skills, and are equipped with ergonomic and eye-care features for user comfort.

Learn more about our K-12 Educational Technology tools and offerings below or call us today at 610-995-6683!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Parmetech offers both in-person and virtual training sessions to ensure you’re getting the most value out of your ViewSonic interactive display and the myViewBoard software. Get in touch with us today (800) 727-6383 or info@parmetech.com

To use my ViewBoard, sign up on the myViewBoard website. If you’ve previously purchased or are interested in ViewSonic interactive displays, you can contact Parmetech to help you get started with setting up a myViewBoard account and getting free entity access for your entire organization! Get in touch with us today at (800) 727-6383 or info@parmetech.com

A centerpiece for collaboration, ViewBoard ViewBoard interactive displays deliver incredible interactive capabilities for 21st century classrooms. Whether teaching students in the physical classroom, remotely, or a combination of both, ViewBoards for Education empower teachers and educators to prepare and present engaging lessons, promote classroom interaction, present ideas visually, and more.