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Printers & Multifunction Devices

We specialize in designing solutions that reduce your costs and help your business run smoothly.

In need of production print solutions? We offer custom tailored solutions for graphic designers, marketers, book manufacturers and more— Bringing together the highest standard in precision & print management, and the best support team in the industry.

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Xerox ConnectKey SmartWorkplace Assistant

Focus on your work – not technology – with Xerox ConnectKey that makes your printer a smart workplace assistant and transforms your workflows.

We provide our clients with performance, quality, and liability at any scale. Simply fill out our printer audit form for a free consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to buy a new printer to be eligible for managed print services? 2019-10-29T18:22:17+00:00

No, you are able to put existing devices under a managed print services contract. Click here to download our full list of eligible devices.

What is a click charge? 2019-10-29T16:43:54+00:00

A click is defined as one 8.5″ x 11″ page print. Managed print services are billed based on the number of clicks used per month, not the amount of toner used. An 11″ x 17″ page print is billed as two clicks.

What’s included in a managed print services contract? 2019-10-29T18:22:36+00:00

All parts, labor, and consumables (toner, drums, maintenance kits) are included in a managed print services contract. The only supplies not included are paper and staples. The device remains under an extended warranty for the lifetime of the MPS contract.

What are the benefits of managed print services? 2019-10-29T18:22:52+00:00

Our MPS solutions improve the productivity and efficiency of your digital and paper-based processes. There are many benefits that MPS customers experience including cost savings, improved energy efficiency, reduced waste, streamlined operations, increased uptime, reduced strain on IT, and siginificantly improved visibility into the print fleet.

What is managed print services? 2019-10-29T18:23:09+00:00

Managed print services (MPS) provide a centralized management of your print devices, such as printers, copiers and multifunction devices, and related services. Our managed print services range from basic to advanced, catering to business of all sizes. You can customize the solution for your team, department, or company-wide needs.

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