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Interactive Collaboration

ViewSonic’s future-ready technologies help teachers and students connect and collaborate like never before. With smooth and responsive 20-point touch capabilities, ViewBoard delivers interactive collaboration perfect for huddle groups, labs, and even locker rooms for drawing up plays.
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All-In-One Solution

With an embedded processor and web browser, ViewBoard is an all-in-one solution that lets you easily annotate, edit, Skype, save, and share information. ViewBoard interactive flat panels are also device agnostic and can be easily combined with school-issued or BYOD devices.
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Built on a Google Android platform, ViewSonic ViewBoard interactive flat panel displays are designed to get classrooms going right out of the box, with no need to install or add software, apps, or a PC.
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Interactive Projection

ViewSonic Interactive Projection solutions offer useful, low-cost alternatives for classroom collaboration. The key to choosing the best fit for your installation depends on budget, type of content to be displayed, audience type, ambient light, and other environmental factors.
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What Solution is Right for Me?

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Screen SizeUp to 86"
Touch Capabilities10-or 20-point touch
ResolutionUp to 4K
AudioBuilt-in 10W stereo speakers
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Screen SizeUp to 150"
Touch CapabilitiesUp to 10-point touch
ResolutionUp to 1280x1280
AudioBuilt-in 8W stereo speakers
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