Cost Management and Control

You cannot manage what you cannot measure. Many companies have no idea what they are spending on office printing. Typically, this is because costs for supplies, service, hardware and support are buried across multiple budget lines.

Parmetech uses extensive Total Cost of Operation (TCO) modeling along with a vendor-neutral perspective. Our financial modeling includes extensive financial research gathered through print assessments, data collection software, industry averages and ascertaining current costs.

We have expertise in moving the discussion on Managed Print to a TCO-based solution rather than focusing only on click charges and hardware costs. Also, as part of the total cost of operation analysis, Parmetech also provides recommendation to reduce power and paper consumption to support an organization’s sustainability efforts.

 Parmetech’s Cost Control Strategy:
  • Optimization of the assets
  • Reduce print related spend
  • Simplified billing
  • Standardization of equipment, service level agreement, support and process
  • Enable transparency of cost (TCO) and pricing
  • Streamline invoice processes through a single point of contact
  • On-going reporting to monitor and improve results
Parmetech’s Managed Print Model:
  • Fixed price per page for service, supplies and support with unlimited page coverage
  • Hardware can be purchased, leased or incorporated into the cost per page
  • One contact for hardware, supplies and service
  • Simple ordering portal, single invoice
  • Total visibility of document production costs
  • Regular billing reduces budget variance
  • No shipping charges, reduction in inventory