Document Lifecycle Management Services

A 2014 recent IDC global survey about document management found that organizations are experiencing a great deal of pain with their documents. This finding clearly points to a need for building greater intelligence into documents. Document intelligence comes in many forms, including security and workflow integration, awareness and content extraction, and technology & document retention and disposal strategies. It also includes the more simplified management and outsourced support of document technologies.

How Can Parmetech Help?

  • We assess and study document workflow and technology pains & chaos and then recommend and implement simplified and automated solutions resulting in the achievement of business goals & objectives.
  • We assist our clients in Automating Document Workflows and Managing the Lifecycle of Document Technologies resulting in organized, productive, secure and optimized environments!
  • We move clients from an unmanaged document workflow and technologies environment to a completely managed and outsourced environment.
  • We create long term strategic plans for your entire document workflow and document technologies environment.

What Is Parmetech’s Definition of Document Lifecycle?

The Document Lifecycle is the sequence of stages that a document goes through from its creation to its eventual archival or destruction. This would include “any process, service or equipment related to how and when documents are created, used, moved, stored, printed, archived or destroyed”. In addition, we typically find that the term “document” often elicits the perception of paper, or the more contemporary “electronic document.” Parmetech uses the term “content,” and expands it to include other types of communication, such as an email or a corporate-branded web page.

What Part of the Document Lifecycle Process Can Parmetech Help Our Clients Manage?

A key value proposition of the Parmetech offering is our deep seated expertise and corporate philosophy of providing integrated solutions from any number of strategic partners who have the best of breed solutions and strategic practices to meet and exceed our client’s requirements. As the prime, Parmetech acts in the capacity of an integrator and project manager who makes certain that the project comes in on time and within budget. Our team manages the visibility, control, flexibility, project plan (all aspects), resources (from Parmetech, Strategic Partners, the client’s IT/Purchasing/End-users/Finance stakeholders, OEMs, etc.), and communications to all stakeholders to insure the achievement of the client’s vision.

As a result of this approach, we can help our clients handle every part of the document life cycle.