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How do managed print services (MPS) help you?

Managed Print Services (MPS) are about taking control of your printing infrastructure. As one of your local Managed Print Services Companies, our MPS streamlines everything related to printing such as output, supplies delivery, support, repair, and billing. Through MPS printing you can gain true visibility into the processes and costs associated with printing.

We have a long successful track record helping our clients reduce their print and copy costs while improving their security and processes – check out our MPS Case Studies.
Click here to fill out our print assessment form to schedule a no-obligation print technology/services assessment! We can help you better understand how much time and money your printer fleet is actually costing you, and recommendations for increased savings, productivity, and security around your organizational printing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MPS Printing?2020-05-22T16:45:31+00:00

MPS printing, i.e. Managed Print Services, is a strategy of printing that centralizes management of all your print devices such as printers, copiers, and multifunction printers. MPS printing should be considered by organizations that wish to streamline everything related to printing such as billing, supplies management, service, and support.

What is managed print services?2020-02-07T22:25:23+00:00

Managed print services (MPS) provide a centralized management of your print devices, such as printers, copiers and multifunction devices, and related services. Our managed print services range from basic to advanced, catering to business of all sizes. You can customize the solution for your team, department, or company-wide needs.

What are the benefits of managed print services?2020-02-07T22:27:21+00:00

Our MPS solutions improve the productivity and efficiency of your digital and paper-based processes. There are many benefits that MPS customers experience including cost savings, improved energy efficiency, reduced waste, streamlined operations, increased uptime, reduced strain on IT, and siginificantly improved visibility into the print fleet.

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What’s included in a managed print services contract?2019-10-29T18:22:36+00:00

All parts, labor, and consumables (toner, drums, maintenance kits) are included in a managed print services contract. The only supplies not included are paper and staples. The device remains under an extended warranty for the lifetime of the MPS contract.

What is a click charge?2019-10-29T16:43:54+00:00

A click is defined as one 8.5″ x 11″ page print. Managed print services are billed based on the number of clicks used per month, not the amount of toner used. An 11″ x 17″ page print is billed as two clicks.

Do I need to buy a new printer to be eligible for managed print services?2019-10-29T18:22:17+00:00

No, you are able to put existing devices under a managed print services contract. Click here to download our full list of eligible devices.

Do you know how much you are spending on office printing?

Parmetech uses a consultative approach to understanding a client’s current business environment including key objectives, challenges, technical infrastructure, and costs in an effort to develop a long-term MPS and document management strategy.


We study your print environment to determine the best mix of printers and multifunction devices for your business.  We then work with you to design and implement this optimized state.


We make sure that your print fleet is running as it should be.  By managing everything from toner replenishment to device configurations and security settings, we make that your print fleet stays in compliance with your business policies.

Our MPS Printing Services help you control who can print and what they can print through user authentication and content security.  Users can also be empowered to securely print from anywhere anytime by setting up mobile print policies.

Benefits of Parmetech’s Managed Print Services Programs

Our Managed Print Services Process

Parmetech’s key value proposition is our ability to accurately analyze, assess and recommend solutions that are right-sized for our client’s current and future needs. Our proven process guarantees that you receive the best service and support.



No solution can be properly designed without a true understanding of the environment. Our forensic print assessment process uses qualitative and quantitative data collection methods to help us understand your people, processes, business needs and goals.



We use of decades of expertise to design a technology strategy based on the context of your environment that will allow you to achieve both your short-term and long-term goals.



We manage and support your organization through the entirety of the project, utilizing change management best practices to ensure a smooth transition and maximized results.



Once implementation has been completed that is just the beginning. We provide a dedicated account manager to continuously monitor, review, and optimize performance for your organization.

Managed Print Services for Thermal Printers

Managed Print Services are not just for printers, multifunction printers, and office copiers. It’s no secret that thermal printing is central to many businesses. It’s also no secret that a reliable printer fleet and print supplies operates more efficiently at a lower overall cost.

Thermal printers and print supplies are essential for many business-critical workflows. However, it’s estimated that over 50% of businesses don’t know how much they’re spending collectively on thermal printing. That’s where we can help. Organizations are quickly seeing the benefits of outsourcing their thermal printer support!

Take the Unknown Out of Your Thermal Printing

  • How many printers are on my network?
  • What is the life-cycle cost of my printers?
  • How quickly are supplies being consumed?
  • When is maintenance needed?
  • Are my printers introducing security risks?
  • Why don’t my print supplies always scan and stick?

Embrace Hassle-Free Printer Management

  • Gain visibility of your networked thermal printers
  • Reduce CapEx and streamline costs
  • Have the right supplies on hand when you need them
  • Relieve the burden of IT support
  • Secure your printers from attacks and vulnerabilities
  • Supplies with reliable scannability that always adhere

Top Reasons to Partner with Parmetech for Your Thermal Printing MPS Needs

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