Parmetech analyzes, manages and provides print strategies to optimize through “right sizing” the input and output environment. Our goal is to create an on-going print strategy to support an organization’s evolving infrastructure needs and provide maximum cost savings and efficiency.

Parmetech brings a robust solution through our proven strategies and tools such as print assessments, consultations, user interviews, detailed asset mapping, monitoring software, extensive Total Cost of Operation (TCO) modeling and vendor-neutral perspective.

“Right Sizing” Successful Results:

Parmetech prepared a fleet optimization model for the printer and multifunction units for our client who realized the following benefits:

  •  40% cost reduction through Parmetech’s right-sizing solution
  • Determined only 20% of the MFP fleet was being used for scanning and copying by the students. Most students were only using the print function and did not need copy, fax or scanning capabilities.
  • We recommended the use of high speed printers as a replacement for the existing multifunction units for 80% of the locations.
  • We created a total cost of ownership based on the costs to upgrade their current MFPs compared to the new right-sized solution.
  • Provided $95,000 in savings over five years!