Environmental Sustainability

Office printing also has a tremendous impact on the environment and many organizations lack the knowledge of the impact of printing towards meeting their environmental sustainability goals. Some of their key challenges include:

  • Need to reduce the carbon footprint, power usage and waste
  • Paper usage too high
  • More responsible disposal and recycling across the office

Parmetech is committed to sustainability and continually monitors sustainability trends to provide our clients with best practices within our industry. We align our recommendations for solutions with partners like Xerox who care about the environment.

Xerox Solid Ink is easy to use and produces stunning color print quality, while generating up to 90% less printing waste in comparison to color laser printers. Solid enables color clicks with low page coverage to be sold as useful color which is the same cost as black and white and is 100% recyclable.

 Sustainability Strategy:
  • Reduce aged and non-energy star devices in the office
  • Leverage energy efficient devices and new eco-friendly technologies such as solid ink and emulsion aggregate toner
  • Help eliminate the stockpiling of consumables
  • Promote reasonable use of paper
  • Reductions in energy consumption, CO2 and solid waste disposal
Sustainability Successful Results:

Through Parmetech’s recommended solution, several clients were able to re-design the print environment with better technology and achieve results of increased sustainability, reduced costs and improved productivity.

  • Use of printers where MFPs are not needed. Printers use 75% less energy than the MFPs.
  • In a recent refresh fleet for another client, we were able to achieve 40% overall energy savings based on using less devices and more energy efficient devices.
  • Where appropriate, we recommend equipment that uses plant based emulsion-aggregation toner, which reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 35% and requires less heat to fuse the toner, reducing power consumption.
  • Using document management software helps reduce energy consumption related to ordering, shipping, receiving, moving, printing and storing paper.
  • “Follow You Print” solution allowed a higher education client to reduce paper consumption by 26 cases in the first year.