Parmetech Software Solutions and Offerings

From print management software, to document management and workflow automation solutions, to apps you can run from your printer – Parmetech can help you choose the software that will help boost workplace productivity and efficiency.

Print Management Software

Parmetech provides print management solutions to help make your printing an easy, smart, secure, and waste-free experience.

Simple print job tracking and monitoring

Easy Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) print

Advanced print security

Compatible across all brands, platforms, and environments

Industry-specific solutions

Document Management Software Solutions

We help organizations save time and money by reducing paper intensive processes through flexible and secure document management:

Reduce costs and errors

Drive more proactive business decisions

Maximize ROI

Facilitate better team collaboration and productivity

Secure your data

Automation and Digitization Software Solutions

We can help you deliver a more seamless work experience across paper and digital platforms. Our comprehensive security, cloud, analytics, and digitization technologies and software enable organizations to:

Make your print infrastructure more efficient, affordable, and sustainable

Create a better workplace for an evolving and mobile workforce

Stay protected against external and internal security threats

Cloud Fax Solutions

Ditch the land line and digitize your inbound and outbound faxes! Fax from anywhere, anytime with cloud fax solutions for benefits such as:

Integration with your email for in- and outbound faxing

All your fax traffic digitized and archived in your mailbox

Digital audit trail and GDPR ready

Low investment and cost savings

Printer Apps

Over the years, print technology has evolved and in today’s world, your multifunction printer (MFP) can do much more than just print, copy, scan, and fax. It’s more like a smart workplace assistant and through printer apps has the capability to:

Scan files straight to email or cloud storage

Translate documents into different languages

Convert documents to audio files

Scan receipts into expense systems

Print straight from your CRM system

And so much more!

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