The Parmetech Advantage

High Level Personal Service

Parmetech takes the time to listen, learn, research and recommend the right solution based on end user requirements and key objectives.  We have been told by our clients that the level of expertise and commitment that we bring to each project is rare in this industry and in their professional experience. We pay attention to detail and offer the exceptional personal service of a smaller organization with the backing of large international organizations.

Total Cost of Operation Analysis

Parmetech uses extensive Total Cost of Operation (TCO) modeling along with a vendor-neutral perspective.  Our financial modeling includes extensive financial research gathered through print assessments, data collection software, industry averages and ascertaining current costs. We have expertise in moving the discussion on Managed Print to a TCO-based solution rather than focusing only on click charges and hardware costs.

Parmetech’s Philosophy

We have a demonstrated track record of being a vendor that identifies opportunities to consolidate hardware based on end user requirements on a continual basis, rather than just replacing like unit for like unit.

We believe a key factor for consideration in selection of a Managed Print Services vendor is analyzing successful results achieved through a prospective vendor’s current MPS installations.  Does the MPS solution include recommendations for downsizing of device types based on user needs or does the MPS solution replace devices with similar equipment that may not be needed?

 Parmetech’s Key Strategic Alliances

Parmetech is a Xerox Platinum Partner, through Xerox NARS (North American Resellers Division).  This partnership provides our clients with a strong support network that combines the backing of a $22 billion organization along with a high level of personal support .

In addition, Parmetech is an HP Authorized Reseller and Service Provider, and has strategic alliances with Equitrac and Pharos.