ViewSonic ViewBoard IFPG1 Series
OS-Free Interactive Display for Workplace

Future-proof, OS-free interactive display that seamlessly integrates with your
organization’s existing hardware to easily elevate collaboration and productivity.

Take Collaboration and Productivity to the Next Level
with the ViewBoard IFPG1 Series:
OS-Free Interactive Display for Workplace

Designed to help organizations elevate productivity and streamline collaboration, the ViewSonic ViewBoard IFPG1 Interactive Display Series combines a 4K Ultra HD display with a simple and intuitive design for the ultimate affordable, future-proof presentation solution.

The ViewSonic ViewBoard IFPG1 Series of interactive displays is ViewSonic’s most affordable and flexible interactive display series for the workplace. From big-picture brainstorming to intricate project mapping, the IFPG1 series brings instantaneous collaboration, enhanced security, effortless upgrades, and so much more to the workplace.

This stunning and versatile interactive display seamlessly integrates with your organization’s existing hardware, giving users the flexibility, security, and hands-on interactivity they need to get the job done through a low-cost and future-proof whiteboarding solution.  Whether your workplace uses Windows or Android, users can run their display with their computing solution of choice. When it’s time to upgrade, simply swap out the external PC or OPS device for a simple, hassle-free way to bring your interactive display into the next generation.

The ViewSonic ViewBoard IFPG1 series offers high-quality, dependability, and flexibility through this OS-free  interactive display so that every organization can have access to incredible interactive technology proven to improve productivity and foster collaboration. What’s more, because the ViewBoard IFPG1 series comes without any pre-installed software, organizations can enjoy a greater standard of security as well as fewer vulnerabilities and points of penetration. 


As a ViewSonic Partner, we’re proud to offer our education customers the ViewSonic ViewBoard IFPG1 Series of interactive displays. Available in four different sizes ranging from 55” – 86”, the ViewBoard IFPG1 Series offers interactive technology at a low cost to fit any organization’s budget and any collaboration environment for years to come.






Foster collaboration and streamline productivity with ViewSonic’s most flexible and low cost interactive display series.

BYOD with this budgt-friendly interactive whiteboard

Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD)

With it’s OS-less design, the IFPG1 series makes it easy for users to customize their digital whiteboarding experience by adding an external PC or OPS module of their choosing. This allows organizations to enjoy fewer complications with an OS-free interactive display that seamlessly integrates into their existing technology environment.
IFPG1 OS-Free display for conference rooms

Plug-and-Play Connectivity

With the USB-C one-cable solution, users Experience seamless connectivity – simply plug in your laptop, desktop PC, or mobile device to instantly bring presentations to the big screen for clearer viewing and annotation. With up to 65W power delivery, it conveniently charges connected devices, creating a clutter-free collaboration space.
IFPG1 enhanced security for workplace

Enhanced Security

Organizations can enjoy a higher standard of security, with fewer security vulnerabilities and reduced points of entry against cyberattacks, since the IFPG1 series omits a stock OS.
IFPG1 Os-Free interactive display upgraded with slot-in PC

Seamless Integration with ViewSonic Slot-in PCs

By combining this OS-Free interactive display with a slot-in PC featuring your OS of choice, you can take your conference room to next level. An EDLA-certified OPS like the ViewSonic VPC-A31-O1 EDLA-Certified Slot-in PC will bring more advanced whiteboarding capabilities and integrated access to the Google Play Store and Workspace Suite. Or you can choose from options like the  VPC25-W53-O1-1B Windows slot-in PC to work in a familiar desktop environment, or select a FreeDOS or UEFI Shell device for extended customization possibilities.
IFPG1 instant collaboration for workplace with os-free interactive display

Instantaneous Collaboration

Unlike other traditional displays, ViewSonic’s IFPG1 series comes equipped with state-of-the-art WriteAway™ technology allowing users to annotate documents and collaborate instantaneously without waiting through an extended setup process.
future-proof budget-friendly interactive whiteboard

Future-Proof Whiteboarding Solution

This future-proof, os-free interactive display offers an incredible return on your technology investment with a display that’s built to last. To enjoy the latest features and security updates, simply swap out the computing solution whenever it’s time to upgrade rather than having to purchase a newer model display.
IFPG1 multitouch recognition on os-free interactive display

Multi-Point Touch Recognition

Users can simultaneously write or draw on the interactive whiteboard’s surface using styluses, their fingers, or both at the same time. The built-in multi-point touch recognition technology can recognize gestures, doodles, swipes and taps from multiple users simultaneously.
viewsonic professional development

Hassle-Free Maintenance and Peace of Mind

The maintenance and technical support issues for the IFPG1 series are drastically simplified without the built-in OS. What’s more, IT admins can enjoy peace of mind with an industry-leading warranty and robust customer support through both Parmetech and ViewSonic.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Interactive Whiteboard

An interactive whiteboard, also referred to as an interactive display, is a type of touch display that brings a new level to the traditional whiteboard in the workplace or an educational setting. An interactive whiteboard is essentially a larger version of a tablet computer with a touchscreen and users are able to access, manipulate, and interact with content directly on the screen.

You can purchase interactive whiteboards from Parmetech, an award-winning office equipment and technology company. Parmetech has been a premier technology partner for organizations of all sizes across many industries such as SMB, K-12 education, higher education, finance, and healthcare for the last 30 years.

Interactive whiteboards can be used for interactive learning or hybrid learning in the classroom. Lessons can be presented directly on the classroom display and teachers can incorporate videos, pictures, PDFs, PowerPoints, polls, quizzes, games, and more into their lessons. Teachers can engage students whether they are in the physical classroom or learning remotely.