Parmetech has been providing companies with full service solutions since 1991. Our personal touch, exceptional customer service and our ability to offer full service solutions sets us apart from the competition. Whatever your technology and imaging needs, Parmetech can meet them with unbeatable customer service.

Our Parmetech Consulting Practice is a “Game Changer” for our clients.  Our staff consists of trained professionals who are uniquely qualified in the “Best Practice” disciplines/methodologies focused on reducing costs, improving workflows and streamlining document management processes.  We take our clients beyond “managed print services” by integrating the following capabilities:

  • Ability to create Online Fax Solutions which dramatically increase Security and HIPPA Compliance while creating a fax digital library
  • Ability to create optimized production, distribution, and archival of transactional documents with automated workflows
  • Ability to turn redundant processes into automated workflows
  • Ability to outsource and manage Mail Room and Copy Centers