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Xerox ConnectKey Apps for Your Printers & MFPs

There’s always room for great work and collaboration thanks to our unique workflow apps for your Printer Apps Xerox ConnectKey Enabled Printer or MFP

Using apps on your tablet or mobile phone makes life easier. Whether you’re checking a weather forecast, booking reservations, or shopping at your favorite retailer, apps make it simple to get in, get out and get it done. Just as your smartphone has become your personal assistant, with Xerox apps your Xerox Printer or MFP can now be your Workplace Assistant.

With so many people using cloud-based services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and Office 365 to store and share files, the ways to print from, and scan to, those services are no longer restricted to your smartphone or PC.  We even have an easy instant translator app to translate your document in minutes!

Why Choose Xerox ConnectKey Apps for Printers

With Xerox ConnectKey enabled printers and MFPs, it’s easier than ever to print from, and scan to, the storage repositories you already use. This helps everyone in your organization get on the same printed or digital page. Other ConnectKey apps simplify processes for users by improving access and ease of sharing content, using email, cloud repositories, Docushare or office tools.

We can even work with you to customize workflow apps specific to your needs.

Download apps to a Xerox ConnectKey enabled printer or MFP and make your work life easier.

Workflow Apps Available Through Parmetech

Your business needs change over time. That’s why ConnectKey features an ever-evolving gallery of apps — including those from third-party developers — that lets you add, delete, or swap tools in your own custom app gallery. If you tweak an app, you can get it exactly right for the way you work. We are happy to work with you to build just what you need for your business.

Xerox ConnectKey Technology

xerox connectkey printer

Xerox ConnectKey transforms your printer into a smart workplace assistant. As a proven technology solution, ConnectKey helps collaborators communicate, connect and work from anywhere.

ConnectKey Product Portfolio

xerox connectkey portfolio

Print, copy, scan, fax and so much more with a ConnectKey Enabled Multifunction Printer.

ConnectKey Apps FAQ’s

Where can I find DocuShare® Cloud Management?2020-01-23T22:18:26+00:00

DocuShare Cloud Management lets your organization capture, extract and process information, transforming it into usable intelligence. Contact us for access to the DocuShare Flex app through the Xerox app gallery, 1-800-727-6383

Where can I find a grading app for teachers?2020-01-23T22:19:18+00:00

We offer a variety of education apps for K12 and higher education needs, from connecting to Learning Management Systems, to helping automate grading and plagiarism checking. The Connect for Remark® Test Grading app grades bubble tests with just a scan.

How do I access Xerox® mobile print options?2020-01-23T22:19:59+00:00

Contact Parmetech today to get started with creating your online Xerox® registration. Once you have an account, you will have access to mobile printing solutions.

Does Xerox® offer mobile printing solutions?2020-01-23T22:20:40+00:00

Yes. Parmetech is a proud provider of Xerox® mobile printer apps. Browse through our products today.

How much is the Xerox® printer app?2020-01-23T22:22:41+00:00

The @PrintByXerox mobile printing app is a free service that allows secure printing from any email-enabled device (computer, phone, tablet Android, Google Chromebook and more) to a Xerox printer of MFP. You may also upgrade to the premium version.

Where do I find the Xerox® printing app?2020-01-23T22:25:11+00:00

You can find the Xerox® printing app with Parmetech’s other top-rated workflow apps. Learn more about our products today: 1-800-727-6383

Can I print from the Xerox® app?2020-01-23T22:26:54+00:00

Yes, we offer a variety of mobile print apps that allow you to quickly and easily print documents from your phone, tablet, or other devices.

Is the Xerox® translation app hard to use?2020-01-23T22:27:54+00:00

The Translator App for Xerox® is called “Easy” for a reason. Simply select the source and target language and press start! You can use it with any Xerox® multifunction printer, PC, or mobile device. The service is available 24/7.

How does the Xerox® translate service work?2020-01-23T22:28:47+00:00

After you register and log in to the Xerox® online portal, you can easily create Translation Orders for your files. Choose from an Express or a Professional translation. Having trouble? Contact us: 1-800-727-6383

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