Do you remember the days when you had a printer, scanner, and/or fax machine in different locations in the office? So long ago…right? Actually, you’d be surprised how many offices have yet to embrace the benefits of multifunction printers (MFPs). In today’s modern offices, multifunction printers are often overlooked, when in reality they are indispensable and versatile tool – combining printing, scanning, copying and faxing capabilities into an all-in-one device that streamlines productivity and efficiency.

Keep reading below as we explore the key features and numerous benefits of multifunction printers and what makes them an essential resource for any office environment.

benefits of multifunction printers in the office

Top Features of Multifunction Printers

Multifunction printers have evolved into versatile workhorses that go beyond simple printing capabilities. They offer a range of features that enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and cater to the diverse needs of modern offices. Here are some of the top features that make multifunction printers indispensable in today’s office environment.

Printing Speeds: At its core, a multifunction printer excels at high-quality printing. Many of today’s MFPs offer fast printing speeds on par with large office copiers. For offices with high-volume printing needs, these devices can significantly reduce the time spent waiting for print jobs to be completed. With duplex printing (printing on both sides of the paper automatically), you can save paper, reduce costs, and promote sustainable practices in the office.

Multifunction Capability: Hence the name, multifunction printers give you the ability to scan, copy, and fax. Most MFPs for the office come with an automatic document feeder (ADF) that enables scanning or copying multiple pages at once, making it incredibly easy to convert physical documents to digital format or duplicating documents. If your MFP comes with a duplexing automatic document feeder (DADF) then you can scan or copy documents in a single pass, saving a substantial amount of time. When it comes to fax, today’s multifunction printers offer the option for an analog fax line or digital fax.

Mobile Printing: With the rise of mobile devices, MFPs have adapted to support mobile printing. Through apps or wireless connectivity, users can print directly from their smartphones or tablets, even when not connected to the office network.

Cloud Integration: Multifunction printers with cloud integration allow users to scan and directly upload documents to cloud storage platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Microsoft OneDrive. This promotes seamless collaboration and access to documents from anywhere.

Document Management: MFPs often come with software that facilitates document management. You can easily scan documents into searchable PDFs, organize them into folders, and even convert scanned text into editable formats.

User Authentication and Security: Security features like user authentication and secure print release ensure that confidential documents are only printed when the authorized user is present. This minimizes the risk of sensitive information being left unattended on the printer tray.

Sustainability: Modern MFPs are designed with energy-saving features like sleep mode and automatic shutdown, helping businesses reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Wireless Connectivity: Wireless connectivity options, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, enable users to print and scan without the need for physical connections, promoting flexibility and mobility.

Benefits of Multifunction Printers

Now that we’ve looked at the top features of MFPs, let’s dive into the key benefits of multifunction printers in the office.

1. Space and Cost Efficiency

Gone are the days when offices required separate machines for printing, scanning, and copying. The compact design of multifunction printers optimizes office space, eliminating the need for multiple devices. This not only saves physical space but also reduces equipment costs and maintenance expenses, making it a cost-effective choice for businesses of all sizes. Additionally, MFPs offer cost-effective printing solutions through features like duplex printing and toner-saving settings. This not only reduces paper and toner consumption but also contributes to sustainable practices.

2. Easy and Efficient Streamlined Productivity

Another benefit of multifunction printers is their ease of use. Since MFPs consolidate various functionalities, this enables employees to seamlessly transition from printing documents to scanning, copying, or even faxing with minimal disruptions and from one location. This enables quicker response times and empowers the office to be more self-sufficient, ultimately boosting overall productivity. Additionally, the integration of advanced features like automatic document feeders (ADF) for scanning multiple pages at once and duplex printing further speeds up the process.

3. Reduced Energy Consumption

Many modern multifunction printers are designed with energy-saving features such as sleep mode and automatic shutdown. These energy-efficient capabilities contribute to a greener office environment and help lower operational costs.

4. Enhanced Security and Data Protection

In the age of cybersecurity concerns, multifunction printers are equipped with security features that safeguard sensitive documents and data. User authentication, encrypted data transmission, and secure print release mechanisms help prevent unauthorized access and protect confidential information.

5. Flexibility for Remote Work

With the rise of remote work, MFPs have evolved to accommodate the changing needs of a dispersed workforce. Many multifunction printers now support mobile printing, allowing employees to print or scan documents directly from their smartphones or tablets, regardless of their physical location.

What Multifunction Printer is Right for Your Office?

With a multitude of options available, it’s important to consider several factors to ensure you make an informed choice when it comes to selecting the right MFP for your office including:

  • Do you need color capabilities or black-and-white printing only?
  • How much volume are you printing on average per month?
  • How crucial is print speed? Is 20-30 pages per minute sufficient or do you need something closer to 45-55 pages per minute?
  • Do you need wireless connectivity?
  • How big is the MFP? There are more compact options available as well as larger options that can even be made into floor standing.
  • What is your budget? While budget is a significant consideration, aim to strike a balance between your office’s needs and the features provided by the MFP. Sometimes, investing a bit more upfront can lead to long-term savings and improved productivity.
  • How reputable is the manufacturer? Are they known for quality and reliability?
  • If purchasing from a print provider, such as Parmetech, what kind of customer support do they offer? Do they offer printer supplies and service options?

If you’re thinking about upgrading to a multifunction printer for your office, let the team at Parmetech help! With over 40 years of industry experience, we pride ourselves on our personalized support and customer service. We’ll work with you to help you choose an MFP that aligns with your office’s needs, enhances productivity, and provides a solid return on investment. Give us a call today at (800) 727-6383, email us at, or connect with us via our website to get started.