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Clio App for Xerox ConnectKey Printers

Scan. Print. Simplify.
A law firm app for simpler legal practice management with Clio.

Nothing stops legal work in its tracks like not having the files you need on hand. With the Clio app, you can easily scan and print directly to and from your Clio account. So you can say goodbye to the hours of hunting for files and missing information that distract you from the work that matters most.

Focus on Billable Work. Not Busywork.

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Perfect the Way You Practice with the Clio App

This app extends the reach of Clio’s leading cloud-based software for legal practice management, making it easier to appropriately charge your clients for work. Quickly digitize hard-copy case files and other legal documents at your multifunction printer. Record reimbursable printing and scanning jobs with Expense Tracking. And browse and print files directly from your Clio account. It’s a fast, simple and secure way to enhance how you work.

Make Managing Your Caseload Easier

Take the extra steps out of paperwork and filing. Easily access and share important files. Used in conjunction with any ConnectKey® Technology-enabled device, this law firm document management app lets you take charge of your documents and save time by accelerating your processes.

Clio login screen

Log In

Open the app on your multifunction printer.

Scan screen via the the clio app


Easily track expenses and create searchable
PDF documents by scanning hard-copy
documents directly to your Clio account.

print screen from the clio app on the MFP


Print critical documents on demand.
Simply find the file you want and
press “Print.”

single sign-on process infographic

Single Sign-On

Skip the step of logging in. Single sign-on
lets approved users unlock a printer or app
conveniently and securely using only their
ID card or smartphone. This functionality
is available whenever you’re using a
supported authentication solution.

Your Workplace Assistant is Ready and Waiting

Streamline workflows and tame complex processes in any office setting with Xerox ConnectKey Technology-enabled devices and apps for your workplace assistant. Xerox Auto-Redaction is ideal for legal departments and firms, government, healthcare, human resources, and education professionals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using Xerox Connect App for Clio?2021-03-10T16:10:08+00:00

The benefits of using Xerox Connect for Clio are this app can:

• Login using your credentials for Clio, no need to have a separate login.

• Record reimbursable printing and scanning jobs with the Expense Tracking feature.

• Easily browse your document storage folders for quick access.

• Preview your documents after scanning and before printing.

• Scan important documents to your document storage and print right from the Xerox Connect Key enabled MFP User Interface.

Who can help me install Xerox Connect for Clio?2021-03-10T16:08:34+00:00

For step by step instructions to install the Xerox Connect App for Clio, visit this link. You can also reach out to a Xerox Document Technology Partner, such as Parmetech, call us at (800) 727 6383

How to connect the Clio app to my Xerox MFP device?2021-03-10T16:07:28+00:00

Xerox Connect App for Clio can be installed on all supported Xerox devices and is readily available to anyone with a Xerox App Gallery account. You can download the Connect App for Clio from the Xerox App Gallery. Trial the Xerox Connect App for Clio free for 30 days. A subscription can be purchased via the subscribe button once a trial period ends. A Clio Cloud account is still needed for this trial to work. For step by step directions, visit this link.

How does Xerox Connect for Clio work?2021-03-10T16:05:36+00:00

Xerox Connect App for Clio is a Xerox Gallery App that allows users to connect into Clio, the SMB-focused Practice and Case Management service. Once signed in, the app provides a user the ability to scan a document into their account at a case/matter level, search for documents, and print the results. Expense data can be tracked and will be fed back into Clio for print and scan jobs.

Is there a Xerox app for Clio?2021-03-10T16:05:12+00:00

The Xerox Connect App for Clio on your ConnectKey multifunction printer allows you to scan and print directly to and from your Clio account to simplify legal practice management.