Over the last couple of years, educators and teachers have had to pivot their focus and utilize digital teaching tools in order to support hybrid and remote students. In an effort to be able to support hybrid learning initiatives and keep up with this shift toward digital transformation of education, education technology tools have gained momentous popularity over the course of the last few years, specifically tools that enable digital teaching such as interactive whiteboards, digital whiteboarding education software, and portable tablets.

Recently, ViewSonic has announced a smart-podium solution to support a new way of digital teaching in today’s modern classroom. Whether teaching in the physical classroom to students, virtually to remote students, or a combination of both, the ViewSonic ID2456 24” Touch Monitor was designed to break teachers free from the limitations of a mouse and give them the freedom of working with a pen in hand, allowing teachers to communicate more naturally but still engage students effectively. Let’s take a look at the features of this incredible EdTech tool that’s empowering digital teaching.

digital teaching with interactive smart podium solutions

Level Up Learning with Digital Teaching – Introducing the ViewSonic ID2456

With the understanding that the podium plays a vital and central role still in today’s modern classrooms, ViewSonic launched the ID2456 24” touch monitor – a smart podium solution that allows teachers to bring their teaching creativity into fully play and transforms the traditional teaching environment into a modern classroom with real-time interaction. The results? Teaching efficiency is significantly improved while teachers are able to achieve better teacher-student interaction.

So, what are the features of the ViewSonic ID2456 Touch Monitor that make it such a great digital teaching tool? Let’s take a look.

Functioning as the primary monitor or as a supporting display, the ViewSonic ID2456 touch monitor delivers productivity as a smart podium solution and can be easily adopted in university classrooms or lecture halls and the simple operations make digital teaching exceptionally flexible.. The projected capacitive (PCAP) touch screen provides accurate and fast 10-finger touch functions, allowing teachers to operate it intuitively – opening files, editing teaching materials, and dragging and dropping pictures can all be done without using traditional peripherals such as a mouse, keyboard, or presentation pen.  Additionally, the 4K HDMI output port can be connected to the classroom’s existing projector, interactive whiteboard, or classroom display, allowing 4K high-definition contents to be presented on the large screen.

The active pen provides a realistic writing experience, allowing teachers to annotate on the screen easily while teaching. The adoption of MPP2.0 technology and the support of 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity enables teachers to write as they would usually – they can take notes or sketch ideas as they would on paper or a whiteboard with the natural feeling of working with a pen in hand. This can be utilized in applications such as in Windows Ink, PowerPoint, and a range of other applications designed for classroom teaching or hybrid learning. Additionally, the active pen accurately presents the fonts and sizes of the users’ handwriting. They can apply more force to create a bold font. Furthermore, the 50-degree tilt sensing complements the display’s palm rejection function, providing teachers an experience similar to writing on a traditional whiteboard or blackboard.

Whether in a physical classroom, a virtual classroom, or a hybrid teaching environment, the ID2456 can take advantage of ViewSonic’s myViewBoard digital whiteboard education software, which uses various teaching materials and templates as well as functions such as a digital whiteboard and real-time group discussions to enrich the contents of courses. When combined with the ViewDirector, a personal director software, teaching materials, video camera feed, and projector images can be displayed on the screen simultaneously, making for a seamless integration for hybrid teaching. Teachers can use their fingers to drag and relocate images, zoom in and out, and resize images on the screen. Teaching materials and contents will therefore not be blocked, further improving teaching efficiency.

In addition to serving as a smart podium, the ViewSonic ID2456 touch monitor can also be used as a desktop digital whiteboard, allowing students to achieve better interaction during group discussions. The ergonomically advanced hinge stand allows for effortless adjustment of the display between 15°-70° for optimal positioning in any setup or task, from note taking to group presentations. The ID2456 is also compatible with all Windows 10 devices, delivers a superior viewing experience that is both eye friendly and energy efficient, delivers stunning, true-to-life images through an expanded range of viewable color shades as well as crisp and clear audio with built-in dual 3W speakers.

The ID2456 touch monitor is truly an incredible education technology tool that empowers digital teaching and paperless learning. As a ViewSonic partner, the team at Parmetech is here to help you with all of your education technology needs! For more information, to schedule a demo, or talk to a product expert, give us a call (800) 727-6383 or connect with us online.