The last 18 months have caused the “new normal” for a typical business working environment to undergo significant changes. Remote and hybrid teammates have become more common, and leaders are working to help their off-site employees feel included and up-to-date on day-to-day tasks and all that is going on in the physical office with hybrid meetings.

Simply put, a hybrid meeting is any meeting that is conducted where at least one attendee is remote. For example, team members in a conference room with a display or computer screen using video conferencing software to connect with other remote employees. The key to hosting success hybrid meetings is technology that helps bridge the physical and virtual worlds.

So, what technology do you need to improve hybrid meeting spaces in your office?

hybrid meeting spaces

Benefits of Technology in Enhancing Hybrid Meeting Spaces

When you are conducting a hybrid meeting, it’s especially important that all team members stay on the same page regarding what is being discussed, particularly your remote workers. Because you are not speaking to these employees face to face, you must rely on the technology you’re using for the meeting to get the message across as clearly as possible. Audio and video issues like a lag in feed or a mic cutting out can cause you to repeat yourself more than once, which can draw out the meeting more than necessary. If you want to ensure that you have a smooth hybrid meeting every time, then you need quality technology for your audio, video, and display.

Best Technology for Facilitating Hybrid Meetings

If you are starting to shop around for the latest technology for facilitating hybrid meetings, there are a few types of technology that are especially helpful in enhancing the hybrid meeting experience and should be considered. We’ve highlighted below some industry leaders when it comes to hybrid meeting space technology:

  • ViewSonic Interactive Displays: ViewSonic interactive panels for business allow you to transform your conference room into a smart, connected spaces where employees – whether in the meeting, in a different office, or across the globe – can collaborate more productively. Featuring 4K Ultra HD resolution making for a crisp image of your remote teammates alongside your presentations and with a variety of screen sizes to choose from ranging from 43” to 98”, these displays can fit into any meeting space environment. Additionally, the myViewBoard™ software is perfect for interactive meetings and makes it easier for teams to securely share content and brainstorm from any location.
  • Audio Conferencing: When you are looking for audio for the new normal, Nureva® offers unique audio solutions that support a hybrid working environment. The Nureva® audio systems include full microphone coverage that allows speakers to move as they please while still being heard by meeting participants. This sound equipment can accommodate any meeting room, no matter the size. The simple yet effective equipment that is used eliminates the need for installation and adjustments. If you are currently having trouble being heard by remote employees during your hybrid meetings, it’s time to update your audio with Nureva®.
  • Tracking Cameras: Remote employees will often feel separated from the group during a hybrid meeting, especially if they can’t see all of their in-office team members. With the UNITE® 180 4K Panoramic Camera, your on-site team can be seen in one clear picture. This professional camera can give a full 180-degree panoramic view, and the technology in this device includes “real-time stitching,” which creates a seamless picture by combining “the views of multiple lenses together as one complete image,” according to UNITE®’s site. So, no matter the size of your team, everyone can be in clear view of your remote employees with this panoramic camera.
  • USB Video/Audio Bar: If you are looking for an all-in-one solution for quality video and audio for your hybrid meetings, Poly Studio has the answer with their premium USB video bar. The USB plugin makes for convenience while eliminating cord clutter, and the enhanced software allows you to be seen and heard by all of your remote teammates. Poly Studio’s software includes patented Poly NoiseBlockAI technology, which automatically tunes out interrupting sounds like outside conversations. The only sound that is captured is the voices of you and your on-site employees.
  • Poly Conference Room Solutions: Poly Studios also offers other products to help equip a conference room for successful hybrid meetings. Smart cameras, sound stations, and video bars are just a few of Poly Studio’s conference room solutions and equipment that can be used to help your business’s conference room be ready with a clear picture and crisp audio at your next hybrid meeting.

Find Top Technology for Hybrid Meeting Spaces at Parmetech

If you are trying to transform your current work environment into a hybrid-friendly space, Parmetech is here to help. As a leader in office technology solutions for over 30 years, we have the expertise that is needed to help you find the perfect hybrid meeting solutions for your business. Let us answer your questions about what kind of technology is the best fit for your space to help you improve your hybrid meeting experience. Call us today to get started: 1-800-727-6383.