Benefits of MPS

Would you say cost-efficiency in business is a priority? For most companies, the cost of office printing (cost per page printed, routine maintenance, and service) is an unexplored opportunity for significant savings. These are all benefits of MPS.

Managed Print Services (MPS) solutions give you the ability to centralize the management of all of your devices (printers, multifunction printers, copiers) across multiple manufacturers, thus providing true visibility into the processes and costs associated with printing.

With all this information, you can manage your network print resources more efficiently and improve the productivity and efficiency of your digital and paper-based communications.

That all sounds great, right? But what does it really mean…

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Parmetech’s MPS solutions focus on streamlining everything related to printing such as output, supplies delivery, support, repair, and billing. We use a consultative and analytical approach to understanding a client’s current business environment including key objectives, challenges, technical infrastructure, and costs in an effort to develop a long-term MPS printing and document management strategy that will allow your company to see the many benefits of MPS.

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So, What Are The Benefits of MPS?


1. Cost Savings

In typical office environments, the cost of every print or copy varies widely based on how much toner or ink is used on each page. When service is required, scrambling to find help prolongs downtime. MPS consolidates these varied expenses and support. All parts, labor, and consumables (toner, drums, maintenance kits) are included in a managed print services contract. Additionally, your device will remain under an extended warranty for the lifetime of the MPS contract.

2. Budget Control

MPS eliminates unknown and uncontrolled print costs. You receive one monthly, itemized invoice for the number and types of prints made by your devices. It’s everything you need to review, reconcile, forecast and manage your office printing budget. Cumulative data highlights any activity excesses so you can adjust device use rules or even limit feature access if necessary.

3. Automatic Supplies Replenishment

No longer does Patty the Office Manager have to worry about supplies ordering and inventory stocking and handling. Your managed devices are set up to automatically communicate with Parmetech and your toner is ordered and shipped to you automatically, labeled with the proper end user location. By the time your device alerts you that it is time to change a supply item, you will already have it on hand. Under our MPS program, toner is covered under the contract so you don’t pay out of pocket, and repair service is included. Plus, you’re only getting the supplies you need, so waste is reduced!

4. Reduced Energy Use

Through our forensic assessment process, we are able to optimize your print environment by only recommending what you need. Through device consolidation and upgrade, energy consumption is greatly reduced.


5. Reduced IT Burden & Increased Uptime

Roy from IT has enough going on – he doesn’t need to be burdened with the added responsibility of having to fix the broken printer or copier. With MPS, you can free up your IT resources for more critical business work than support and maintenance of print devices.

Our helpdesk and team of certified service technicians provides on-site maintenance, service and remote technical support to ensure your devices are up and running when you need them. Our average on-site service response time is next business day, but same day business service is available upon request. We typically remotely resolve 20% to 30% of service calls with our triage team, for simple issues such as clearing paper jams. With remote resolve, we can have you back up and running in a matter of minutes!

6. Remote Monitoring

With MPS, we provide remote monitoring of your entire print fleet, whether you have one device or 10,000 devices, so never again do you have to keep track of your print materials and activities. Remote monitoring gives us full visibility into your fleet, and allows us the ability to anticipate problems proactively and take action accordingly.

7. Scalable to Your Needs

No matter the size of your workforce, constant managed support means we’ve got you covered always – in your current state and as your company continues to grow and expand. Whether you need cost-savings on device acquisition or ongoing print costs; high-volume or high-coverage print capacity; Parmetech is able to design and manage a solution that matches your needs and help you to successfully plan for the future.

The Proof is in the Pudding

Here are some highlights of the great benefits we’ve been able to provide for our clients:

Large Healthcare Organization

  • Reduced operating costs by 26%
  • Reduced fleet size and space by 57%
  • Reduced energy consumption by 70%
  • Savings of over $2.2MM over five years

Higher Education Client

  • Reduced operating costs by 36%
  • Reduced fleet size and space by 50%
  • Reduced energy consumption by 50%
  • Savings of over $95K over five years

Global Pharmaceutical Company

  • Reduced operating costs by 45%
  • Savings of $3.5MM over three years
  • 40% of break-fix issues resolved remotely over the phone through our helpdesk

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Managed Print Services Expand Cost-Savings Opportunities

Our MPS solutions provide short and long-term benefits enabling you to make fact-based decisions to fine-tune your print environment over time to achieve and maintain the greatest efficiencies.

For an estimate on your potential savings, schedule a free print assessment today 😀