With the gaining popularity of the hybrid workplace, and the percentage of employees sharing time between their home offices and the physical workplace location continues to rise, the need to manage flexible work environments is becoming increasingly critical.

While organizations are actively supporting and investing in technology solutions for a hybrid workforce, this has also brought to light technology gaps between remote technology and in-office resources. Additionally, one of the biggest challenges managers are faced with when it comes to managing a hybrid workplace is knowing where employees are working and also whether employees are working, especially in these times of staffing shortages. Managing a remote workforce requires real-time data to track the location and status of employees on a daily basis — data that all too often is gathered through manual processes and stored across a patchwork of spreadsheets. That is until now.

manage hybrid workplace with xerox team availability app

Manage Your Hybrid Workplace with Xerox Team Availability App

The Xerox Team Availability App allows you to implement safer hybrid workplace policies with a real-time view of every employee’s location and availability. The Xerox Team Availability app is a ready to roll out, secure web portal composed of one simplified status update page and one reporting profile to show managers the information they need and helps automate the time attendance process.

Employees download the app and are presented with a simple status page to update each day – they share if they are working, where they plan to work and if they are feeling healthy and are available to come into the workplace if necessary. They can even update their status multiple times a day. Their responses feed into an easy-to-understand dashboard mapping the location and availability of your workforce in real time, so team leaders have the most up-to-date data to inform decisions, resource planning and return-to-work policies.

You might be thinking – what makes this any different than other attendance management tools?

Employers can subscribe to the Xerox Team Availability App online so there’s no need to plug in or make any changes to your existing IT infrastructure. You will be up and running with this Software as a Service (SaaS) in a matter of hours (not weeks), not to mention employee onboarding is completely automated and you can add an unlimited number of users.

You’re also able to completely customize your portal: change languages across geographies; customize the portal by location, department and more; and even choose your brand colors and add your logo for a seamless employee experience. Additionally, the Xerox Team Availability App is available as a monthly subscription, so there’s no need for a large infrastructure investment or to try and estimate how long you’ll need to use the tool. And no need to worry about whether or not it’s secure – the app is GDPR compliant and all web traffic is protected by RSA Encryption and SHA-256. All of your data and your content are securely stored and controlled by you, the owner.

It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s secure, and it’s compliant!

Key Features to Help You Manage Your Hybrid Workforce


Online, multiple device responsive one-click status report.


Check staff availability across multiple locations, allow for better decisions.


Notify users when they have not updated their status.


Simple, secure, and automated staff onboarding process.


Portal can be customized: color, logo, languages, locations, departments.


Portal admin has access to full audit log on data actions and data changes.


Quick overview of the staff’s statuses, filtering per location, status and department.


Simplified admin interface, with easy site setup, user management and auditing.

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