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Free yourself from security risks while utilizing convenience, usage insights, dashboard-based monitoring and control of your entire printer fleet with this easy-to-use and IT-friendly cloud print management solution.

Cloud Print Management

Xerox® Workplace Cloud cloud print management delivers authentication, print management, cost control and mobility workflows.  It’s easy to set up and use, so it’s the ideal choice for businesses or organizations with limited access to IT or looking to consolidate IT resources. And because it’s a cloud-based virtual print solution, it works across multiple networks, giving you complete control of every printer at every location.


Flexible authentication options to unlock your printer, securely release your pull print jobs and access your multifunction printer (MFP) apps. Choose card, cardless, or even mobile device-based authentication using NFC, the Xerox® Print Portal App and a QR code to unlock devices. Use essential print rules to take control of costs and restrict access to devices/features at the user/group level.


Administrators can closely monitor printing across the organization with consolidated fleet reporting and accounting capabilities. An at-a-glance dashboard provides rapid insights into print activity and status. The ability to see top users by departments or usage mode helps administrators take control of costs.


Make printing from mobile devices flexible and easy. Send print jobs from Windows OS devices, Google Chromebooks, Mac OS, Linux, and mobile app printing for iOS, Android and Windows Surface tablets. With a traditional pull/follow printing workflow, send jobs to a single queue for release and retrieve when ready.

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Print Management
– Cost Control


Managing an ever-demanding workforce has plenty of headaches to deal with, and sometimes printer and document security is low on the priority list. As printers and multifunction printers become smarter and better connected to the systems your business uses, you need a better, low touch way of bringing this under control. You need a simple, yet effective ways to allow only authorized users to access only the systems they have permissions, all the while keeping the user experience simple – this is where cloud print management can help.



  • How do you control and track which users can copy, print, or even scan documents outside of your network?

  • How can you step up security without introducing difficult, time consuming steps to log in to your printer and MFP apps?


  • Authentication to control secure access to the printer and your networked systems, using a wide range of authentication methods including card ID and mobile device authentication.

  • A simplified secure single sign-on (SSO) experience to access your back end systems while avoiding time consuming log in step.



  • How do you ensure sensitive documents aren’t printed to the output tray of your shared printer for other users to view?

  • You will want to keep on top of your printing costs by running simple reports across your printers to identify where your users are printing to and where your high usage costs lie.

  • Once you understand printer usage, you may want to put print rules in place to ensure your users are following your print guidelines.


  • Pull printing feature allows jobs to be printed only when needed, when the user authenticates at the printer, supporting both Xerox and non-Xerox printers alike.

  • Seamless integration with ConnectKey® user screens allow job settings to be changed, deleted or edited before printing — saving on costly wasted prints.



  • As your business is moving toward a more mobile workforce, you need to make sure they remain productive and can print customer facing documents wherever they are.

  • Companies need solutions that are both user and IT friendly. This includes the ability to print from any device from any remote network location to any brand of printer.


  • An award-winning mobile print solution which allows users to readily connect to their printer from any network and almost any device (smartphone, tablet, PC, MAC or Chromebook.) Jobs can be sent to print directly at the printer or held for release at a later stage.

  • When you need setup to be as easy as possible by simply submitting jobs by email for printing. The perfect answer for guest or temporary users.

  • Home Worker Print Tracker extends print management to the home. Whether the printer is company supplied or personally owned, jobs sent using a company laptop from any network can be centrally tracked with our cloud service and analytics tools, giving visibility of business-related printing.

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