Printers hold the keys to the way you work, especially if you are digitizing or automating business-critical processes. And, since paper continues to be effective for certain work processes and customer requirements, the question remains: How do you make the physical world intersect with digital?

That’s exactly why Xerox created apps for ConnectKey technology-enabled printers, including the Xerox VersaLink and Xerox AltaLink product families. Targeted to general business use as well as the education market, the apps we’ll dive into below make labor-intense, time-consuming work processes easier.

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Printer Apps for Any Size Business

Cloud-connected and mobile-ready, our multifunction printers (MFPs) have moved far beyond traditional print functions. Today, they act as workplace assistants to deliver a more productive workplace. These apps continue to address evolving business requirements, including:

  • Xerox Connect App for SalesforceAccess Salesforce’s Customer Relationship Management system at your MFP. Upload and share sales management information to client folders when you scan your documents directly into Salesforce.
  • Xerox Audio Documents AppSecurely transform hardcopy documents into audio files so that you can listen, instead of read. This app can help visually impaired people, as well as commuters, multi-taskers, or anyone who simply wants to rest their eyes.
  • Xerox Connect App for QuickBooks Online: A hassle-free expense reimbursement process with multi-receipt scanning. Data from the receipts is extracted into an expense report that can be submitted to reviewers for timely approval.  For organizations that use Concur’s expense-reporting platform,
  • Xerox Forms Manager AppSimplify management of multiple forms while reducing paper-based filing risks. Intelligent routing capabilities via embedded QR codes enables scanned forms to be automatically sent to the appropriate email address.
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Apps Help Transform the Education Sector

Many K-12 and higher education institutions struggle to find ways to merge existing paper-based processes into their digital systems quickly and accurately.  The result is extra costs and lower productivity. When schools can streamline back-office tasks, meet government mandates and better manage student data and performance, then teachers spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on students, ultimately improving academic outcomes.

Xerox’s education apps respond directly to this opportunity, and can help recover time and expenses that go to classrooms:

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A More Productive Workplace

Physical paper documents continue to be a “must-have” for many critical functions, but paper doesn’t always merge well with digital workflows and business processes. ConnectKey Apps bridge the gap of the physical and digital worlds, so that your printer can be the digital trailblazer it is meant to be.

Check out our list of ConnectKey Apps for Business, Education, Healthcare, Legal, and more!

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ConnectKey Apps Clinch 2020 BLI Awards

BLI Software Line of the Year LaurelBLI 2020 Document Imaging Software Line of the Year Award

“Document Imaging Software Line of the Year” recognizes the OEM that offers the most robust, relevant and varied software portfolio to augment their MFP offerings.

“Document imaging vendors have been transitioning their strategies to ‘lead with solutions’ rather than relying on traditional hardware sales to engage customers,” said Jamie Bsales, Director of Solutions and Security Analysis at Keypoint Intelligence. “Xerox has been living this mantra for years now, and our analysis shows that the company has assembled the best overall portfolio of apps, software and services to help customers streamline document-centric business processes and leverage their investments in MFP hardware.”1

BLI 2020 Pick Award SealOutstanding MFP Ecosystem

“As with the rest of the industry, the document imaging software landscape continues to evolve, with MFP-resident and cloud-aware ‘apps’ taking center stage,” said Bsales. “Xerox App Gallery was arguably the progenitor of the category, and it continues to grow stronger with more apps and widening developer support.”2

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(From the editor: This article was originally published on Xerox Connect.)