We’ve reached the one-year mark since the COVID-19 global pandemic began. Though there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel as we slowly begin to transition to a new normal – consisting of socially distant spaces, hybrid work environments, and evolving technologies – creating a safe workplace by minimizing touchpoints is of utmost importance. After all, contactless and touchless have become desirable in as many tasks as possible to help combating the spread of illness.  A safer workplace will help staff feel more secure when returning to their offices and one of the ways to satisfy contactless initiatives is to reduce the need to touch shared printers.

woman using her tablet to print from Xerox printer

Introducing the Xerox Touchless Access App

The Xerox® Touchless Access App is a secure, cloud connected app that allows users to access to print, copy and scan functionality without touching the printer, helping make offices safer. With this free app, which is available in the Xerox App, you simply scan a QR code on your Xerox VersaLink or AltaLink multifunction printer’s (MFP) user interface (UI) to make a seamless connection.  If there is internet access from the smart phone and MFP, you are good to go and users’ mobile devices do not need to be on the same network as the MFP, making this accessible to anyone.

Additionally, users do not need to load an app on their mobile device, and no local IT support is needed to configure users. In fact, the only IT support that might be needed is to load the free app onto your multifunction printer. Once the app is live, the front UI can be configured to show the QR code as the default screen giving instant touchless access to the device for any user.

Xerox Touchless App: Here’s How it Works

Make sure that the Xerox Touchless App is installed on your Xerox Printer or MFP. Once the app is installed, the UI will display a QR code. The user – and this can be ANY user, whether its an employee, a customer, a partner, whomever – uses their smartphone camera to scan the QR code, access to the MFP’s print, copy, and scan functions will populate on their smartphone screen. That’s it!

Scan the code, select the job function using your smartphone, collect your documents, and you’re done! No need to touch the printer at all!

How the Xerox Touchless App works

Convenient for Users, Simple for Administrators

  • No mobile app to download – so you are ready to go
  • Supports any mobile device or tablet
  • Instant access to the printer without having to search for it
  • Works with any mobile connection (cellular or wireless) – no network access headaches
  • Self-service, no need for IT support
  • It’s FREE!

Get started with the Xerox Touchless Access App today!

(From the editor: Portions of this blog were originally published on At Your Service)