Collaboration between in-office staff and remote employees can be challenging and ineffective without the right tools. In today’s world where employees are working from the office, working from home, or a combination of the two, it’s important to create an inclusive collaboration environment that can bring your teams together, no matter where they’re located. As an Elite ViewSonic Partner, we’re proud to offer our customers incredible interactive solutions. ViewSonic is a leader in providing innovative visual solutions, and has been a leader in the interactive displays market. Last year, they released their ViewBoard IFP52 Series of interactive displays featuring Infrared Ultra Fine Touch (UFT) and this year they have released their latest model – the ViewBoard IFP62 Series of premium interactive whiteboards!

These premium interactive whiteboards feature a state-of-the-art touchscreen for a one-of-a-kind interactive experience designed for both enterprise and education environments. Let’s take a look at the key features of ViewSonic’s newest line of interactive whiteboards!

ViewSonic ViewBoard IFP62 Premium Interactive Whiteboard

IFP62 Series Premium Interactive Whiteboards Key Features

The next generation ViewBoard IFP62 Series of premium interactive displays were designed to help teams in corporate and education settings move their ideas forward and collaborate, connect, create, and share like never before. Some of the key features of the ViewBoard IFP62 series of digital premium interactive whiteboards include:

  • Three different sizes to choose from – 65”, 75”, or 86” display – to ensure your premium interactive whiteboard is the best fit for your environment and budget.
  • The super sleek bezel wraps around the glass for maximum interactivity and viewing.
  • The 20-point projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreen offers an incredibly natural and responsive writing experience, whether using fingers, styluses or both.
  • Native 4K resolution delivers amazing and vivid image quality.
  • With USB Type-C connectivity, users can share and collaborate instantaneously with a single cable.
  • An integrated microphone array with echo cancellation and noise reduction technology ensures clear speaking and room-filling sound.
  • Comprehensive compatibility with various video conferencing software, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, and WebEx.
  • A flexible web interface allows multiple users to easily access online content (such as documents, images, slides, PDFs and more), and share to the ViewBoard screen with team members.
  • The ViewBoard IFP62 series has earned the EPEAT Silver certification by excelling in categories of energy consumption, supply chain carbon emissions, and end-of-life management. It also scored full points on the optional criteria of “life cycle assessment and carbon footprint” and “corporate social responsibility”.

Click here for a more in-depth look at the key features of the ViewSonic ViewBoard IFP62 Series.

IFP62 Series Premium Interactive Whiteboard Software Suite

Taking notes, capturing ideas and sharing concepts during meetings and brainstorming sessions can be difficult without the proper tools. With the ViewBoard IFP62 series of interactive displays, collaboration becomes seamless and intuitive. As part of a wider collaboration ecosystem, the ViewBoard IFP62 Series accompanying collaborative software suite delivers the tools you need to bring your in-person, remote, and hybrid teams together.

  • ViewBoard Cast: ViewBoard Cast enables content to be streamed from mobile devices onto the display over wireless or cable networks. Multiple users can simultaneously annotate content (such as documents, cloud files, multimedia, etc.) on their devices in real time, and then stream and share that content onto the ViewBoard display.
  • myViewBoard Classroom: myViewBoard Classroom is a hybrid teaching interactive whiteboard software tool packed with a variety of features to help create a classroom environment in the digital space. Whether you are in the classroom, teaching from home, or a combination of both, this dynamic online platform offers educators easy access to their teaching tools, assignments, courses, and documents – all in one place.
  • myViewBoard Manager: myViewBoard Manager is a cloud-based device management solution that empowers IT administrators to remotely monitor devices, manage apps, push out broadcasts and more within the myViewBoard ecosystem. IT administrators can seamlessly monitor and maintain individual displays across large organizations from a single control panel.

ViewBoard IFP62 Series Premium Interactive Whiteboard Software Suite

Through the addition of optional mobile carts, webcams, speakerphones and more, you can create a more inclusive collaborative space with these premium interactive whiteboard accessories.

  • Customize Your Space
    Configure your meeting spaces exactly as you need with easy-to-install, fixed wall mounts and floor stands (WMK-047-2, VB-STND-004) that are UL and ADA compliant for safety and accessibility.
  • Make Meetings Mobile
    Sturdy rolling carts (VB-STND-001, VB-STND-002, VB-STND-003) are UL and ADA compliant for safety and accessibility. Select models include motorized lift and tilt features, and provide the flexibility to hold meetings in any open space or meeting area.
  • Enhance Your Immersive Multimedia Experience
    Enable clear communication for your remote participants and enjoy features that instantly enhance how team members see each other like wide field of view, automatic low-light correction and more with ViewSonic webcams (VB-CAM-001, VB-CAM-002, VB-CAM-201).Additionally, ViewSonic’s plug-and-play Converse Bluetooth speakerphone (VB-AUD-201) features an integrated microphone array with 360° omnidirectional sound pickup that delivers clear audio to all remote attendees. It also features a USB Type-A port that can deliver charging power for cell phones, while its lightweight and compact form factor makes it ideal for use in home offices, small meeting rooms, or for taking on the road.

ViewSonic IFP62 Series Available Through Parmetech

Interested in learning more about ViewSonic’s ViewBoard IFP62 series of premium interactive whiteboard? We’ve got you covered! Parmetech is a premier partner for office and classroom technology as well as an Elite ViewSonic Partner. We can help you get started with whatever you need! Give us a call at (800) 727-6383 or connect with us online to request more information, schedule a customized demo, or request a quote!