Over the last few years, interactive displays have become an essential tool when it comes to the digital transformation of education and classrooms. With incredible interactive features, interactive displays make it easier than ever to collaborate and bridge the physical and digital worlds, which is especially important in today’s world of hybrid teaching. ViewSonic, a top leader in the visual solutions market, has released their latest generation of the ViewBoard interactive flat panel displays: the ViewBoard IFP52 series. The ViewBoard IFP52 series of interactive displays feature advanced audio capabilities and a user-centric design to enhance the classroom and learning experiences.

These ViewSonic display features best-in-class whiteboard technology that can make lessons and presentations come to life. Read on to learn more about the amazing new ViewSonic IFP52 Series models and how they can be the perfect addition to classroom technology.

ViewBoard 52 Series Interactive whiteboard Built for Students

Top Features of the ViewSonic ViewBoard IFP52 Series

Technology is continually improving for a better user experience. While creating this new model, ViewSonic kept every convenience in mind. There are many reasons why the ViewSonic ViewBoard IFP52 Series interactive display is the most innovative found on the market today. Here are some of the design features of the ViewBoard IFP52 series that make it stand out from the rest:

  • 4K Ultra HD Resolutions
    The best picture on the market makes presentations sharp, clear, and engaging. As a bonus, the ViewSonic IFP52 series has a built-in blue light filter to protect eyes, and an anti-glare coating.
  • Multiple Sizes to Choose From
    Every room and space can have its own perfect fit. ViewSonic has created three different sizes to choose from: 65, 75, and 86 inches.
  • Multimedia Sound Bar
    The front-facing soundbar integrates speakers and microphones to project rich, attention-grabbing sound throughout an entire room.
  • 8-Mic Array
    The advanced microphone setup detects noise and cancels out unwanted sound. You can choose from the most appropriate camera and mic source too.
  • Various Connectivity Options
    It takes only one cord to connect data, video, and power. The ViewSonic IFP52 Series is compatible with USB,USB-C, and HDMI.
  • Touchscreen Technology
    The ultra sensitive screen picks up any touches and uses palm recognition technology. The dual pen can be used for a smooth and natural handwriting experience.
  • Integrated Software
    The ViewSonic IFP52 Series comes with myViewBoard Software Suite containing multiple tools to improve functionality and management. Some help build digital classrooms while others make content sharing easy.
  • Compatible with Existing Technology
    The interactive whiteboard can easily sync up with existing operating systems such as  Windows, macOS, Apple iOS, and Linux.
  • Shortcut Keys
    The latest design uses shortcut keys which can be found in the front of the display underneath the screen. They are meant to improve navigation and also have settings to freeze the screen or disable the touch function as needed.

The Advantages of the ViewSonic ViewBoard IFP52 Series

As hybrid learning evolves, ViewSonic is leading the way with innovative, teacher-centric solutions, services and support that improve student engagement and outcomes, while adapting to fluid learning environments. The ViewSonic IFP52 Series was designed for teachers and built for students to be the best-in-class interactive whiteboard on the market to deliver a better teaching and learning experience.

Benefits for Classrooms and Education

The design of the ViewSonic IFP52 Series is the perfect addition to any classroom looking to implement educational technology. The sharp display and impressive audio are perfect for immersing students in lessons, whether they are attending in person or from home.   This latest generation of the ViewBoard IFP displays allows teachers and educators to access legacy files from the cloud and build new interactive lessons. The built-in myViewBoard digital whiteboarding software allows users to maximize the interactivity of the IFP52 displays to engage, collaborate and communicate easily – with purpose-built tools for educators to teach the way that students learn. The myViewBoard comprehensive suite of apps offers a tool for every teacher and educator, supporting any teaching style.1

For example, myViewBoard Classroom makes hybrid teaching simple and effective. It gives teachers access to everything they need all in one place: helpful learning tools, assignments, courses, and saved documents. Teachers can also connect their computers with a USB-C connector or cast information onto the screen with a mobile device. Other tools in the myViewBoard suite allow for livestreaming, cast content sharing, and access to educational videos.

The IFP52 series is not only great for teachers and students, but IT admin and education directors as well! IT administrators and teams can easily manage files from a secure cloud network, and curriculum directors can rest assured that the myViewBoard software ecosystem can be easily integrated with online resources. The myViewBoard Manager allows IT administrators to control and monitor devices, as well as broadcast messages to any display panels from anywhere.

There are so many resources, tools, and convenient features are offered by the ViewSonic ViewBoard IFP52 series. This panel was built with teachers, students, and today’s educational landscape in mind. No other interactive display for education ties together outstanding software and extraordinary design quite like the ViewBoard IFP52 Series. That’s why ViewSonic interactive whiteboards have become the top choice for classrooms around the country!

Utilize ESSER Funds for Interactive Display Purchases

In May and December of 2020,  the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER I and II) funds were awarded to schools across the nation as a direct result of the financial crisis brought on by the pandemic. ESSER I and ESSER II funds are able to be used for purchasing educational technology (including hardware, software, and connectivity) for students that aids in regular and substantive educational interaction between students and their classroom instructors – which includes ViewSonic ViewBoard interactive displays.

You can utilize ESSER funds awarded to your school on classroom technology such as the ViewSonic ViewBoard IFP52 series displays and continue to create a productive learning environment for students, even remotely. ESSER I funds are set to expire in September of 2022, and ESSER II funds expire in September of 2023.

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At Parmetech, you can discover the best classroom technology for physical classrooms, virtual learning, and hybrid teaching. We are dedicated to helping schools and education institutions navigate the world of classroom technology. If you’re interested in learning more about the ViewSonic ViewBoard IFP52 series of interactive displays, or other education tools to improve hybrid learning, get in touch with us today for more information or to schedule an in-person or virtual demo!

1 https://www.bloomberg.com/press-releases/2021-06-29/viewsonic-launches-latest-generation-of-viewboard-interactive-flat-panels-to-enhance-the-learning-experience