With an adjusted way of living brought on by COVID-19, many offices are having trouble getting comfortable with a remote work lifestyle. As we have realized, making the switch from an office environment to your own home has obstacles that are not typically faced in the average workday. However, the reality is that remote working practices may become a huge part of our “new normal.” With that in mind, we’ve put together some tips on how to keep yourself productive if you are continuing to work remotely.

1. Have a cohesive way to track time

One of the challenges many people in quarantine have experienced is the ability to keep track of time. As we’ve all learned, being stuck inside all day for weeks at a time can make you feel as if you’re in a time warp, where the days bleed together and the hours seem to drag on. This is especially amplified when you’re used to an office environment and daily interactions with people who are not your family!

coworkers abiding by social distancing guidelines in the office

For employees who are working remotely, it’s important to have a platform at your disposal that allows you to keep track of your time. There are many online resources that let you customize your daily log, where you can include information about the projects you worked on, and how long you spent on each task. Employers should meet with their team and decide on what platform they will use to track their time before starting remote work practices.

2. Have a secure process in place for handling company information.

A common concern among business owners with employees working remotely is the security of their information. Are there protocols in place that protect how company data is handled? Are employees up to date on the latest guidelines for storing and disposing of information? It’s important for business owners to meet with their team and laying out a plan that will protect sensitive data that is required for daily use.

3. Ensure productivity with daily/weekly check-ins among teams

The best way to avoid confusion among team members is to host meetings regularly where company policies and projects are discussed. Business owners can get live updates from their employees, and staff members can touch base on important deadlines with team members. In a remote work environment, staying connected with regular check-ins is crucial for continued productivity.

Having reliable technology is also important for offices that have transitioned to remote work. If employees are regularly experiencing technical issues with their company computers, deadlines can get missed, and profits will decrease significantly. Upgrading your computer displays to the latest and most reliable in the industry is a great way to avoid these issues.

Transitioning Back to the Office

Now that some of us have started to return to “business as usual” in the office, we recognize that there will of course need to be some policy changes for the continued protection and safety of staff. Encouraging a “hands-free” atmosphere is a great way to prevent the spread of viruses and stop future outbreaks in their tracks. Investing in touchless technology for the office will further ensure a hands-free workplace.

Parmetech has interactive displays for workplace environments that encourage users to perform daily tasks at a safe distance as the screen can completely controlled from your own personal device. Additionally, interactive panels are a great way to connect office personnel with their remote coworkers with its built-in zoom integration. Xerox office copiers (multifunction printers) and printers allow you and your team members to utilize important functions – for example, with the Xerox Mobile Link App you can scan, fax and print from your phone or tablet.

Adjusting to the New “Normal”

As businesses begin to reopen their doors, we can expect to see guidelines in place that encourage continued social distancing for the safety of high-risk individuals. Whatever that new normal looks like, business owners should maintain a positive atmosphere and keep up company morale. It’s important for everyone to continue to work together during this uncertain time, and to keep their spirits high for a brighter future.

Parmetech is here to help our customers adjust to new normals with our latest technology and office equipment solutions. Our team is here to continue to provide helpful tips for remote work environments.