Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner! As we begin to transition back to the office and to our “new normal” now is as good of a time as ever to get your office ready for the rest of the year.  It may not be your favorite task, but decluttering your workspace can help boost productivity and improve efficiency. Follow these handy suggestions for how to spring clean your office to keep your workspace clean and clutter-free this year, and get more done.

Cut Clutter and Get Organized

People spend most of their time at their workstations, where clutter and crowded surfaces can be distracting, and even overwhelming. Reduce piles by sorting through papers and documents, tossing those that are no longer needed. For reports and other items that need to be retained, folders, filing cabinets, and desktop file sorters can help free up valuable workspace.

Desktop organizers are convenient for keeping track of pens and other office accessories, but make sure they stay functional and not merely decorative. Now could also be a great time to consider converting your paper files to digital through a document management solution – save time and money by reducing paper intensive processes and physical document storage.

Next, tackle drawers by throwing away broken pens, old candy, and other junk that tends to end up inside your desk. Gather any small supplies, like paper clips and staples, and use drawer organizers to keep them tidy. If you’ve been storing any personal items that could go home, like extra coffee mugs or holiday cards, now is a good time to relocate them. Don’t forget to clear your common areas as well, like boardrooms and meeting areas. Notes and other team documents can pile up quickly, so be sure to sort through for any duplicates.

Clear Off Your Desktop and Clear Out Your Inbox

Technology exists to make your life more convenient, but when digital files and emails start to pile up, it can be difficult to wade through the clutter. Review your desktop for any icons that can be recycled, like outdated programs or files you no longer need. If you’re not quite ready to trash them, create a new folder with an obvious title, like “2019 Desktop”, to keep old items neatly contained. Organize your inbox by deleting old or redundant emails and unsubscribing from any irrelevant listservs. Depending on your email provider, you may be able to use search terms and batch delete similar items to tackle large volumes more quickly.

Upgrade Your Office Technology

Upgrade your office technology and reduce clutter! Working at the core of your collaborative processes, ViewSonic interactive flat panel displays help your office develop and share concepts, ideas, and sketches across devices. From brainstorming to decision making and delivering interactive presentations, digital whiteboards can enhance your meetings and change the way your team connects. Share notes and annotations, and collaborate with multiple users to digitally write, draw, and edit. You’ll save time and boost productivity with office equipment solutions while reducing your reliance on paper documents and printed materials.

Xerox multifunction printers with ConnectKey Technology enable you to streamline workflows, create electronic documents, print, email, copy or fax directly to/from the cloud or your device, and utilize apps for all your office tasks, just like you do with your smartphone. It’s everything you need to stay organized and increase productivity!

Bottom line: better organizing and smart collaboration can accelerate creative development, innovation, and nurture avenues for profit. Make the effort and see your competitive advantage grow!