With the landscape of today’s workplace, businesses are able to connect like never before. Today’s technology allows businesses of all sizes to communicate with partners, colleagues, clients, and more across the nation and across the globe. And while connecting with cross-continental contacts has never been easier, communicating and breaking down language barriers isn’t always so seamless.

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, roughly 64% of businesses believe that language barriers are hindering their progress towards international expansions, and 49% of businesses state that language barriers and misunderstandings have led to financial losses.

The need to translate critical documents can be a very costly process – some translation services that charge per word can cost up to $500-$600 to translate a 2,000-word document. Other services that charge per page can cost around $100 per page. Imagine the cost for having to translate a 50-page document such as a business agreement or contract. It’s no secret that these costs can add up quickly!

Luckily, there’s a more cost-effective way for businesses to translate their business documents! Cue the Xerox Translate & Print App.

What is the Xerox Translate & Print App?

The Xerox Translate and Print App utilizes state-of-the-art technology to provide instant machine translations safely and securely on your Xerox ConnectKey Technology-enabled multifunction printer (MFP). With this easy instant translator app you simply walk up to the MFP, choose your source language and your target language, scan your document, and receive it back instantly in the language of your choice! You can receive your translated document in printed form in its original layout and/or an editable Microsoft Word (.docx) version via email. With over 44 languages to choose from, breaking down language barriers has never been easier. Languages supported include English, Portuguese (Brazil), French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese (Europe), Dutch, Turkish, Greek, and Polish.

Scan. Translate. Print – It’s as simple as that!

Deliver Cost Savings with Xerox Translate & Print

The Xerox Translate & Print App is a subscription-based app that is priced based on scan pages per device:

  • 100 Scan Pages: $50.00
  • 1,000 Scan Pages: $203.00
  • 5,000 Scan Pages: $528.00

You can also connect with us to sign up for a free trial!