The way that employees work and interact with their environment has a direct impact on the overall performance of a company. Today, the best thing that business owners can do is make sure employees have everything they need to do their jobs comfortably and efficiently. 2021 brought a lot of changes for businesses and consumers alike. To keep up with new technologies and the needs of a diverse workforce, office spaces are evolving, and that includes incorporating the latest in both design and technology.

We’ve gathered up all of the 2022 office design and technology trends that will get you up to date for the new year. These updates will help your business bounce back from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, accommodate a hybrid workforce, and maximize employee productivity.

2022 office design technology trends

Trend #1 – How Office Spaces are Changing

As we move toward the future, new ways of performing old tasks have brought a positive change to the office environment. Success is only possible for businesses that adapt to the new, whether that be new office chairs or new office technology. With this in mind, here are the latest office trends for a better and more efficient workplace:

Strategic Layouts for Better Workflow

The way an office is laid out does in fact have an impact on the way we work. While some designs are created with the space’s intention in mind, others are not. Having a strategic office layout is a means of enhancing efficiency and maximizing productivity. When done correctly, employees will be able to swiftly move from one place to another and stay on track.

Modular vs. Open Floor

Many offices take one of two approaches in their layout: an open floor plan or working in separate, modular stalls. The best choice will either depend on your business or could be a combination of both. While open floor plans are more spacious and promote collaboration, private stalls mean less noise and encourage individual work.

Designated Office Spaces

For a structured and orderly office, we recommend having designated spaces for different sorts of activities. For example, there are separate areas for individual work, lounging, meetings, and printing. Then for those who need it, a quiet area may benefit employees too. Employees can go where they need to for the work at hand and are guaranteed to have the proper resources all in one place.

This may also help employees to be more productive by allowing them to work in the environment that they feel most comfortable in and can benefit most from depending on their workload. For example, one task may require the ideas of coworkers while others work may require extreme concentration without any distractions. Employees can between spaces as needed to fulfill their needs.

Nature Brought Inside

The mental health of employees plays a critical role in their work and job satisfaction. And because of the pandemic, everyone’s a little nervous to return back to the office and may be facing newly emerged negative emotions. One of the ways that employers are combating these feelings is by incorporating nature into their decorating. Scenes of nature are shown to reduce stress and improve mood. Bringing some of the elements of nature into the office such as plants and color schemes are shown to have a similar effect. Plants also provide fresh air and filter out carbon dioxide.

Improved Aesthetics

Employees are shown to do better work and get more work done when they are comfortable. One way to do this, other than proper ergonomics, is through office decorating. Well-decorated offices are more pleasant for workers to be in which has an effect on their mental state. They are more likely to be happy and have boosted morals if the office looks nice. This in turn will often lead to less sick days and improved work ethic.

Outdoor office spaces allow employees to get needed fresh air along with all the wonderful benefits that nature has to offer to the human mind. Just having a nice working area in an outdoor space can improve workers’ health and happiness. Being in the open air is also a safe option for employees during the pandemic.

Sustainability in the Office

Do you know the environmental impact that your office has on the world? Many are making switches that will benefit the environment like using sustainable materials wherever possible. Some of them are using upcycled furniture which has been repaired rather than throwing it out while others are using furniture made from recycled materials.

The goal is to use more materials that are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and recycled. As for the lighting, these environmentally friendly offices are using LED lights and letting in the daylight. These changes have a more positive impact on the world and may save a company money in the long run too.

Utilizing More Daylight

Not only is daylight sustainable and capable of lowering the electricity bill, but it has a lot of benefits for people. Moving away from harsh, white office lights and letting in natural daylight will improve the overall health of employees. Daylight is a source of vitamin D which has a multitude of benefits such as preventing illness. It can make people feel less tired and more happy. Sunlight also is better for your eyes and reduces eye strain.

Trend #2 – Incorporating Advanced Technology in the Workplace

Not only is the way that employees work vital for success, but so is the technology implemented by a company. Every year, technology is improving for the benefit of everyone. It is meeting demands and making work easier, faster, and more efficient. Here are some of the latest technologies that will keep your business up to date in 2022:

Touchless Technology is a Must

Touchless devices can be operated without any sort of skin contact making it an important part of work during the pandemic. Because we rely on technology for so many tasks nowadays, the addition of touchless technology can make things even easier while also eliminating the risk of spreading illness through touch. Many of them will use scanners, movement sensors, and voice activation to function. Motion-activated hand sanitizer is one form of touchless technology that every office will need next year to give employees peace of mind and discourage the spread of the virus.

Just like the hand sanitizer, there are many more ways in which touchless technology can be implemented and installed in an office. Some may be activated through your personal smartphone while others may scan or use cards. They might open doors, allow employees to clock in, be a security measure, or perform many other operations with no touching involved. Touchless technology is constantly evolving and there are many ways it can benefit the workplace. such as touchless office printing. Because of the pandemic, it will be more important than ever in 2022 for touchless technology to prevent the spread of viruses.

Improved Communication Methods

Because of the pandemic, many employees are kept separate but at the same time must find a way to stay connected. What companies need is a reliable form of technology that can bring everyone together at home and in the office. Luckily, the latest devices consist of interactive displays and smart audio speakers which can fulfill all the needs of a meeting. The latest technology in communication advancements allows meetings to be just as productive as they always were.

With these tools, everyone can be included and heard in a meeting without physically being there. It allows meetings to be just as productive as before the pandemic and oftentimes with added benefits such as cloud storage and software compatibility. All are necessary to stay ahead even when employees are divided by the pandemic:

myViewBoard Interactive Displays

ViewSonic brings a collection of touchscreen, 4K displays in a variety of sizes which are perfect for conference rooms. ViewSonic ViewBoard interactive displays can be used for advanced presentations with integrated screen sharing capabilities. That means even those at home will be able to see your presentation during a meeting along with all the writing and changes made in real time. These displays seamlessly connect to cloud storage for an unforgettable meeting experience.

Conference Room Audio

Nureva has created the ultimate audio system to perfectly project and pick up sound from anywhere in a mid-sized space. The Nureva HDL 300 and Dual HDL 300 use microphone mist technology which uses over 8,000 microphones allowing for high-quality sound throughout a room. The HDL 300 automatically adjusts to block out any unwanted background noises. It is the perfect touch for meeting rooms in a compact device with simple installation.

Conference Room Tracking Cameras

The Unite 180 4K Panoramic Camera ensures that everyone in a meeting is seen with stunning clarity. Even across a wide space, real-time stitching allows this camera to bring together views from multiple lenses in real time. This creates a 180-degree panoramic view of the room that can be seen by those at home. There are many additional performance features for this camera. It can track the speaker, frame the faces of participants, focus on a specific area of the room, and has a presentation mode. The Unite 180 4K Panoramic Camera works with all popular cloud-based applications.

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