Technology continues to shape various aspects of education, especially when it comes to teaching and learning. Long gone are the days when traditional chalkboards and whiteboards were the sole tools of the classroom. With a greater emphasis on the need for tools that can cater to students in the physical classroom and in remote locations, as well as students of different learning styles, interactive whiteboards have been transforming teaching and learning experiences for students and educators alike in classrooms all across the globe. And the latest interactive whiteboard for education is no exception!

Offering dynamic features and endless possibilities, the upgraded ViewSonic IFP50-5 series of interactive whiteboards for education will be  an indispensable resource in K-12 education, fostering engagement, collaboration, and interactivity like never before. Let’s take a look at the upgraded features of the latest interactive whiteboard for education from ViewSonic, and how integrating these displays into K-12 classrooms can help revolutionize the educational landscape, prepare students for the challenges of the future, and create vibrant and immersive learning environments.

Teach your way with the ViewSonic ViewBoard 50-5 Series interactive display, the latest interactive whiteboard for education

The Future of Education is Here with the Upgraded ViewSonic IFP50-5 Series

The first generation of the ViewBoard IFP50 series was launched back in 2017. Now releasing their 5th generation of this award-winning product, the ViewSonic ViewBoard Interactive Display IFP50-5 Series is the latest interactive whiteboard for education and is shaping the landscape of education with its upgraded features.

  • Powerful Performance: Android 11 OS powered by an octa-core CPU for optimized efficiency and security. This latest version is also compatible with more third-party apps, so you can access all your favorite services within a familiar environment.
  • Ultra-Fine Touch Technology: Enjoy the incomparably smooth and natural writing experience offered by the dual-pen and ultra-fine touch technology which enables up to 40-point touch input by multiple users.
  • Safe High-Quality Visuals: 4K UHD anti-glare coating touchscreen combined with Flicker-Free Technology and TÜV-certified low blue light work together to provide safe and comfortable use, all day long for teachers and students without compromising on the high-quality visual experience.
  • Magnified Audio: Two 12W speakers and a 16W subwoofer magnify music and videos with immersive sound in unparalleled quality.
  • Comprehensive Connectivity: A USB-C port offers a one-cable solution for comprehensive connectivity with any compatible device for instant multimedia playback, data transfer, and power charging while enjoying a clutter-free space.
  • Fits Any Budget and Environment: Offered in four different screen sizes (55”, 65”, 75
    and 86”), the ViewBoard IFP50-5 series has options to fit any classroom size and any budget, making it the perfect addition to today’s collaborative learning environments.

Create a Complete Interactive Classroom Solution with the Latest Interactive Whiteboard for Education

In addition to the upgraded features, this latest interactive whiteboard for education brings together the best in hardware and software for a complete collaborative and interactive classroom solution with seamless software integration with ViewSonic’s myViewBoard interactive education software suite. Some examples include:

  • myViewBoard Whiteboard: Intuitively create engaging classroom activities whether you’re teaching in the classroom or virtually and enjoy tailor-made tools such as pop quizzes, an immersive reader, digital spinners, and timers.
  • myViewBoard Manager: Update, schedule, broadcast, and manage multiple displays simultaneously from any location via a secure, user-friendly and intuitive remote device control. You can also streamline campus communication with features such as multimedia messaging, text announcements, and pushing out emergency alarms.
  • myViewBoard Display: Instantly screen-share on your display with this browser-based wireless solution. No need for cables, additional software, or any other complex presentation systems.

Learn More About the ViewSonic IFP50-5 Interactive Whiteboard for Education with Parmetech

There is limitless potential of interactive whiteboards in K-12 education! Parmetech is a premier office and classroom technology provider as well as an Elite ViewSonic Partner. With over 30 years experience servicing customers and K-12 education institutions across the country, we can help you with all your interactive whiteboard needs.

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