It’s no secret that effective collaboration is essential for driving innovation, productivity, and success in any organization. And with remote and hybrid work becoming increasingly prevalent, it’s even more crucial to bridge the gap between virtual and in-person collaboration. While Microsoft Teams has emerged as a leading platform for communication and collaboration, many organizations still struggle with clunky conference room setups that eat into meeting time. The solution? ViewSonic TeamJoin one-touch solution for Microsoft Teams conference rooms.

Gone are the days of complicated conference room setups and wasted pre-meeting time wrestling with technology. ViewSonic TeamJoin offers a one-stop shop solution for equipping your Microsoft Teams conference rooms with everything needed for effortless and seamless collaboration.

ViewSonic TeamJoin for Microsoft Teams Conference Rooms

Microsoft Teams Conference Rooms Are Ready with Just One Touch

Imagine walking into a meeting room and starting your Microsoft Teams conference with a single tap. That’s the beauty of ViewSonic TeamJoin. Teams conference rooms are now easily set up with just one touch using ViewSonic TeamJoin solutions.  These pre-configured bundles come with everything you need for smooth operation with Microsoft Teams meetings. For those in need of a consistent and secure Microsoft Teams Rooms experience, ViewSonic TeamJoin is a great cost-effective solution.

Bundles for Small and Medium Size Microsoft Teams Conference Rooms

The TRS10 bundle features a nimble computing engine mini-PC and intuitive touch console that offers a compact and robust solution for small to medium-sized meeting rooms. This bundled solution is easy-to-deploy, delivers instant collaboration, and can be integrated with any standard webcam.

Bundles for Large Microsoft Teams Conference Rooms and Multi-Purpose Rooms

The TRS10-UB bundle was designed to deliver instant and intuitive collaboration to larger meeting spaces without a complicated setup process. It also includes the mini-PC and touch console but adds a 4K conference camera to provide a high-definition video conferencing experience.

Both Microsoft Teams Rooms certified bundles offer enterprise-grade security, intuitive controls for instant meeting starts, and integration with productivity tools to streamline workflows. The solutions are designed to be easily scalable based on meeting space requirements, providing a comprehensive and user-friendly experience for various meeting situations.

Elevate Your Microsoft Teams Conference Room Experience

With ViewSonic TeamJoin, conference rooms are transformed into collaborative hubs, empowering teams to engage, brainstorm, and innovate more effectively.

Microsoft Teams Certified

The ViewSonic TeamJoin solutions are all integrated with Microsoft Teams to create a consistent meeting experience for users no matter where they are in the enterprise. Employees can set up meetings and use room capabilities in the exact same manner in every room, every time they meet.

Simple Control and Management at Your Fingertips

The intuitive touch console puts control at your fingertips.  Join meetings, manage participants, and share content directly from the console’s familiar Microsoft Teams interface. No more hunting for cables or fiddling with complex controls.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Security is paramount, especially in today’s business environment. An integrated Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 ensures safer, more secure computing by providing hardware-based authentication and tamper detection. In addition, the 12th generation processor delivers additional security features such as Intel® Threat Detection Technology, Control-Flow Enforcement and more.

Crystal Clear Communication

Whether you have a small huddle room or a large conference hall, ViewSonic TeamJoin solutions are designed to scale with your meeting space needs.  The option to include a 4K conference video sound bar system in the TRS10-UB bundle guarantees exceptional video quality. Enjoy features such as Ultra HD 4K camera sensor for advanced image processing, intelligent auto-framing and Direction-of-Arrival (DOA) voice tracking technology, and a 6-mic array beamforming soundbar with 11W speaker.

Flexibility for a Hybrid Workplace

The beauty of ViewSonic TeamJoin lies in its adaptability.  These solutions integrate seamlessly with a variety of ViewSonic non-touch commercial displays and  interactive displays for workplace, allowing you to create custom Microsoft Teams conference rooms experiences tailored to your specific needs. Furthermore, they work alongside other Teams Rooms certified devices and various video conferencing platforms, offering a versatile solution for your hybrid work environment.

Skyrocket Collaboration and Transform Your Meeting Space Today

It’s time to say goodbye to wasted setup time and hello to a world of efficient collaboration.  Boost productivity, enhance communication, and empower a more inclusive meeting experience for your teams, whether they’re joining remotely or in-person. With its seamless integration, enhanced collaboration features, easy setup, and optimized meeting experience, ViewSonic’s TeamJoin solutions for Microsoft Teams conference rooms empowers teams to connect, communicate, and collaborate more effectively than ever before.

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