Over the last year and half, there has been a major shift in today’s office environment and the way that people work. The hybrid workplace has become more popular than ever, with some employees working from the office while others work remotely from their home offices. According to Global Workplace Analytics, 25-30% of the workforce will be working from home multiple days a week by the end of 2021. With this shift, the need to for digital transformation to support employees in the hybrid workplace has increased significantly. Organizations needs to be able to provide a seamless work experience wherever their people are working from whether it be the office, at home, or on-the-go. Four trends that businesses are specifically focused on when it comes to digital transformation and supporting the hybrid workplace include:

advance digital transformation with xerox altalink 8100 series
  1. The shift from paper to digital processes
  2. The movement of key solutions into the cloud
  3. The need to make information and the systems that hold that information easy to access from anywhere; and
  4. The drive to automate processes that rely on physical paper (document-centric workflows)

In order to accomplish this, tools are required to bridge the digital and physical worlds to improve collaboration, productivity, and IT security. Believe it or not, your office copier can serve as that bridge!

Meet Your New Office Copier – Xerox AltaLink C8100 & B8100 Series

Powered by Xerox’s ConnectKey ecosystem, the Xerox AltaLink color C8100 series and black-and-white B8100 series of all-in-one printers goes beyond just print to be the digital workplace assistant demanding teams need and enables a flexible workforce and a seamless work experience. The devices are more than just copiers with print, scan, copy, and email capabilities – they can migrate physical paperwork to digital with automated workflows enable workers to connect, share and convert workplace processes, saving time, effort and money. How you might ask? Let’s dive in to some of the key features1:

  • Copy – Expands the office document capabilities with speed up to 72 ppm and first-copy-out time (FCOT) as fast as 3.2 seconds from the platen
  • Print – Offers speed of up to 72 ppm and resolution of up to 1200 x 2400 dpi with capabilities of printing from Cloud Repositories (Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive), secure print with timed deletion and Sustainability Features (Xerox® Earth Smart Settings, Duplex, N-up, Turn-off Banner and Print ID, Smart Sample Set, Hold All Jobs).
  • Scan – Single-pass color scanning at upt o 270 images per minute (duplex speed) that enables faster electronic distribution of full-color documents for more effective and impressive communications. Other scanning features include Touch Apps, On-box Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Searchable PDF creation, Secure PDF, Scan to USB device, Scan to Email Mailbox and Network, Scan to SMB and TWAIN Support along with option of scanning to cloud repositories.
  • Fax – Enhances workgroup productivity with features like Secure fax receive, Up to 200 password-protected folders, Integration with personal or shared LDAP phonebook (up to 1,000 entries).

Accelerate Digital Transformation with Xerox AltaLink 8100 Series

The Xerox AltaLink 8100 Series of multifunction printers are powered by Xerox ConnectKey technology, which enables these devices to go beyond just your average office copier, but to truly become a digital workplace assistant with capabilities to automate document workflows, connect to the systems that run your business, provide comprehensive security, and much more!

1. Accomplish more, faster with the industry’s most intuitive user experience

  • Personalized user experience: no time wasted figuring out how to operate. Just make it yours
  • 1-Touch Apps: Complete repetitive tasks with a single touch
  • Adaptive Learning: AltaLink learns usage patterns and builds 1-Touch App shortcuts to automate tasks
  • Most complicated jobs in seconds: Natural guidance and limited programming steps
  • No more waiting: Smart Proximity Sensor detects approaching users and wakes the device
  • Remote configuration & settings with Embedded Web Server and Remote Control Panel

2. Designed for mobile, casual, and everyday users

  • Native mobility features make it easy for users to connect any device
  • QuickLink app enables any user to connect and print – without IT support.
  • Securely print from anywhere with any device using Xerox Workplace Solutions
  • Includes Wi-Fi Direct to bypass the need of connecting to the network for printing, Apple AirPrint, Bluetooth, Near Field Communication (NFC) tap-to-pair and Xerox Print Service plug-in for Android to streamline mobile printing.
  • Scan to and print from common cloud solutions like DocuShare, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive

3. Built-in comprehensive security to keep printers and data safe

  • Block unauthorized access to the printer
  • Trusted Boot ensures printers are free from tampering at start-up
  • McAfee whitelisting stops harmful changes to firmware
  • Cisco ISE controls network access to the printers
  • Native Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) integration
  • Lock down security from unauthorized disclosure of information
  • Secure data with 256-bit encryption
  • Configuration Watchdog monitors and auto-remediates critical security settings

4. Enables workplace automation and digitization

  • Deliver a more seamless work experience across paper and digital platforms with comprehensive security, cloud, analytics, and digitization technologies and software
  • Seamless integration with Xerox Intelligent Workplace Services (IWS) delivers next-level workplace efficiency, employee productivity and security against cyberthreats

5. Integrate and automate document-centric processes with apps

  • The AltaLink MFPs can scan at up to 270 images per minute and includes optical character recognition capability
  • These capabilities can then be leveraged by the apps available in the Xerox App Gallery – that today includes more than 85 apps with more being added all the time. The power of these apps is that they reduce steps, improve accuracy and speed collaboration – especially for tedious and repetitive tasks.
  • Apps can also on-ramp information from hardcopy directly into critical business systems and tools we use everyday

With these features and capabilities, the AltaLink 8100 series is designed to accelerate workplace digital transformation and is the ideal digital workplace assistant that every business needs today. The AltaLink C8100 and B8100 series of office copiers set the standard of print technology and fit the different work styles in today’s workplace – whether you rely on traditional paper-based processes or you are a digital native – while remaining secure, sustainable, and future-proof so that they will adapt with your organization over time.

Ready to upgrade your office copier? Make sure you’re upgrading to next-generation capabilities that can power your digital transformation initiatives! Schedule a demo or check out our affordable upgrade event where you can saving big on a new Xerox AltaLink C8100 or B8100 copier.

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