March is Women’s History Month – commemorating and encouraging the study, observance and celebration of the vital role of women in American history. And there is no time more ideal to celebrate the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) than Women’s History Month!

NAWBO was born in 1975 when a dozen like-minded businesswomen in the D.C. Area gathered to share information and create a professional community to further and strengthen their entrepreneurial interests. They incorporated at the Association of Women Business Owners (AWBO) which later became NAWBO. I was 12 years old at the time – little did I know the significance & impact these women wold have on my adult life. I am so proud to be a part of NAWBO for over 20 years and to currently be the NAWBO Philadelphia Chapter President!

I love the opportunity that NAWBO affords me to flex my leadership muscles. I am so grateful for the Leadership Development Training (LDT) offered through NAWBO. I was able to attend the LDT day in Scottsdale in late January 2019. It was a fruitful way to kick off the New Year!

The training is very valuable as we lead our chapters on the local level and also as we lead our teams in our Own Businesses. One primary focus and big take-away for me was TEAM building and our roles as leaders in facilitating our teams. We need to insure that the team is focused on the vision and mission – Together Everyone Achieves More.

I want to leave you with a quote from Susan Hagar who was NAWBO’s founding president: “Get a seat at the table or build your own table, and make sure to include other women.”

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