Toner is an essential component to printing – without it, your printer can’t print. Toner costs can add up quickly – especially if you’re printing larger volumes, printing in color, or printing heavy page coverage. In order to save on the costs of supplies, many people think that the only option is to dive into the unknown and buy cheap aftermarket toner cartridges.

It’s easy to tell these from the originals. They cost much less than original equipment manufacturer (OEM) toner, the parts are rarely numbered and they never carry the manufacturer’s name.

However, many people worry – with good reason – about swapping to a non-OEM toner cartridge. They ask: would the quality be as good? Could my printer be damaged? Would it invalidate my warranty?

After all, bargain toner is rarely the better deal – the image quality, reliability performance, and page yields are usually superior, while bargain toner cartridges are found to not yield the amount of prints advertised, fail more often, and cause expensive damage to the printer itself.

But there is an affordable, quality, and no-risk alternative to OEM cartridges.

Xerox Everyday Toner - alternative for major printer brands toner

Best of Both Worlds: Switch to Premium Xerox-Branded Cartridges for Less

Xerox Everyday Toner provides affordable, quality supplies for non-Xerox printer brands such as HP, Brother, Canon, Lexmark, and Samsung that work as beautifully as the original cartridge that came with your printer.  So, what are the benefits to switching to Xerox Everyday Toner?

Cut toner costs by 50-60% on major printer brands

  • Enjoy extraordinary savings compared to the price of original printer manufacturer cartridges.
  • Get the discount you’d expect from bargain brands with none of the risk, all backed by Xerox.

Great results day in, day out

  • You need printing you can rely on. Xerox Everyday Toner delivers with every page.
  • Print with all the quality, value and solid performance you expect from Xerox.

Complete satisfaction. Risk-free

  • Xerox Everyday Toner comes with the reassurance that bargain brands don’t. Should you ever have a problem with an Everyday Toner cartridge, Xerox will provide a replacement free of charge. *
  • In the extremely unlikely instance of damage to your printer, Xerox will reimburse the repair costs. No risks. No worries. Guaranteed.

It’s what’s inside that counts

Reduce and recycle: Easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Place cartridge in original box or a Xerox Eco Box.
  2. Print your label for free return.
  3. Feel good knowing that every component is recycled responsibly and not sent to landfill.

Tried, tested and trusted, the Xerox name is on the box and the evidence is on the paper – page after page. As a Xerox Platinum Authorized Dealer, our team at Parmetech can help you get set up with Xerox Everyday Toner! You can also learn more about cost per click supplies pricing and other supplies/service offerings for major printer brands through Parmetech. To talk to an industry expert and have your questions answered, get pricing, or to learn more, give us a call today (800) 727-6383 or fill out our inquiry form!

Xerox will reimburse for a complete repair should a defect in a Xerox® Everyday™ Toner cartridge be found to be the sole cause of damage to any printer. Xerox must be provided with satisfactory evidence that printer damage was caused due to a defect in a Xerox Everyday Toner cartridge. Xerox liability shall be limited to repair, replacement or reimbursement. This warranty is exclusive and in-lieu of any and all other warranties, expressed or implied.