In today’s world, we have the classroom technology to make learning something that is truly engaging for students of all ages and of all learning types. An incredible tool that helps us achieve this is interactive whiteboards. Interactive whiteboards are digital displays that can be controlled by touch or a stylus, and they allow teachers to display multimedia content and even write or draw on the screen. Best of all, research has shown that interactive whiteboards better capture the attention of students and improve learning outcomes.

If you’re looking for a way to make your classroom teaching more engaging and in turn improve student learning, then interactive whiteboards may be the solution you need.

How Interactive Whiteboards Help Improve Teaching and Learning in Today’s Classroom

What is an Interactive Whiteboard?

An interactive whiteboard is a large display that can be easily integrated with computers and other devices. It’s an ideal tool for presentations, hybrid learning, and classroom instruction, and can be controlled by touch or a stylus. There are many different models and sizes of interactive whiteboards available on the market, so it’s important to choose one that best achieves your goals. At Parmetech, we recommend interactive whiteboards made by ViewSonic which come with their own integrated software and materials. If you would like to learn more about their features and usage, we offer personalized demos and trainings!

How Can an Interactive Whiteboard Improve Teaching?

Interactive whiteboards are a valuable supplement to traditional instruction. They allow teachers to express their ideas using visuals, sound, digital material, and interactive games. This is especially helpful for younger students, who can benefit from the engaging and fun features of these whiteboards. A ViewSonic interactive display provides a new way for teachers to express learning objectives in a way that students can understand. With the ability to use various media to explain concepts, teachers can reach all types of learners in their classrooms whether they are hands-on, visual, or auditory. Here are some of the greatest benefits for teachers that ViewSonic displays present:

myViewBoard Classroom

Exclusive to ViewSonic digital displays, myViewBoard Classroom (part of the myViewBoard digital whiteboarding software ecosystem) allows instructors to create a digital online learning environment that can easily be accessed by students. myViewBoard Classroom is especially useful in hybrid learning environments as it can be accessed from anywhere. It provides teachers with a place to upload assignments, access teaching tools, and download learning materials.

Access to Digital Content

Going along with myViewBoard Classroom, students can gain access to learning materials from wherever they are. Teachers can synch their Google Drive and upload learning materials. The features of the interactive displays for schools allow teachers to provide students with the valuable resources they need to digest lessons.

Easily Share Materials

Interactive displays are all about collaboration and as such, they make it easy for materials to be shared across the classroom. Teachers can display content, send it directly to students, or leave it where students will always have access. You can even share content with other educators to get their feedback.

Seamless Integration and Connection to Other Teaching Tools

The ViewSonic ViewBoard interactive whiteboards can connect instantly to a variety of instructional technology tools that can help elevate your lessons. For example you can connect to your existing laptop (whether it be Mac, Chrome, Windows, etc.) to present lessons that way, or connect to a slot-in PC to turn the display into a giant Windows computer. You can also connect to ViewSonic’s Google-certified Chromebox with built-in Chrome OS to transform your Google-based classroom into a distance learning hub.

How Can an Interactive Whiteboard Improve Student Learning?

To keep students’ attention, educators need to find ways to make learning more interactive and visually engaging. ViewSonic interactive displays are one tool that can help achieve this goal using the latest education technology advancements. These displays come with a variety of features that are designed to appeal to students, such as immersive sound, learning games, realistic writing with a stylus, and pre-loaded educational content. Here’s how these displays help students learn:

Interactive Material

With the tools that teachers have access to, they can add fun educational games and videos to their lessons. There are many interactive features available that take advantage of the display’s high-quality sound and graphics. Using the included stylus, students can experience a realistic writing experience on the board.

Engaging Sounds and Visuals

When students are engaged, they are more likely to pay attention and retain information. What better way to do this than with amazing graphics and powerful sound quality to go along with it. ViewSonic displays features 4K touchscreens with high-definition pictures, and latest models (the IFP52 Series) have the most immersive sound yet and are equipped with a front-facing sound bar.

Easy Access to Lessons

When students need another look at lessons, they can easily access them through any device. Teachers can actually control who has access and to what through the built-in software of interactive whiteboards. Lessons stay secure with built-in security.

Find Your Perfect Interactive Whiteboard Through Parmetech

ViewSonic has long been a leading provider of visual solutions for the classroom, and its line of interactive displays is no exception. With multiple series and size options available on the market, ViewSonic has raised the bar for classroom learning. Parmetech offers expert guidance in the field of classroom technology. Our team can help you find the perfect ViewSonic display for your school, and we’ll provide ongoing support to ensure that you’re using it to its full potential. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create an interactive learning classroom environment that engages and inspires your students.