Modern meeting spaces are becoming much more than old-fashioned meeting rooms or conference rooms. They have become areas for teamwork, brainstorming, active collaboration, and other problem-solving activities. And thanks to evolving technology, this is all possible. With a variety of all-in-one solutions that fit your company’s needs, it’s possible to make an amazing investment for you and your team. However, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Two of the most common presentation displays to create a more collaborative and engaging meeting space are wireless presentation displays and interactive flat panel displays. But which display is the best solution for your space?

Continue reading to learn about the different usages for different types of displays, their pros, and their cons, so you can make an informed investment for your business. with interactive meetings.

Interactive Flat-Panel Displays for Collaborative and Huddle Meeting Spaces

Interactive flat-panel displays (IFPDs) are large-format touchscreens displays. They are like wireless presentation displays but offer built-in software for high levels of collaboration and brainstorming. The advanced touchscreen interactivity is perfect for all types of meeting spaces.

Meeting spaces using interactive flat-panel displays are more collaborative workspaces with improved convenience and higher-performing productivity. They are even great for huddle spaces. However, these displays can be more difficult to operate so it can present a learning curve for those who are not as tech-savvy. Not to mention some boards do not come with installed software, causing incompatibility issues later.


Interactive flat-panel displays are perfect for meeting spaces of various sizes looking to make the upgrade. IFPDs are for those who want to create connectivity not only between those in the office but among those remotely as well. With technology that allows for writing, editing, and other collaborative features, you can make any meeting more engaging and productive.


Collaborative workspaces are becoming more and more popular among meeting spaces and business organizations. Collaborative workspaces allow for brainstorming and idea creation. These devices also allow for secure and smooth discussion without the hassle of finding previous notes or sharing files on the device itself.

Huddle room solutions are becoming increasingly more popular. Huddle rooms are great for building teamwork and bringing coworkers together for an effortless organizational spirit. But it can be difficult to keep all your information easily recorded. IFPDs allow for flexibility and secure ways of teamwork but in a less formal environment.

High-performance is important for any collaborative meeting space. Nobody wants to write on a board that lags or wastes time trying to remember how to write out a word. With a high-performing IFPD, you can be sure that regardless of usage, your board will retain clarity and prove its durability.

Convenience is one of the hidden benefits of installing an IFPD. Outside of saving all work or notes done on the board, many of them use fewer cables for a neater appearance. You can simply walk into a room, plug in the device, and begin sharing with your team.

ViewSonic ViewBoard interactive flat-panel displays are perfect for those wanting to make the switch to IFPDs. Featuring 4k Ultra HD resolution, a next-generation touchscreen, and incredible built-in collaboration software, ViewSonic ViewBoards are a high-performing, reliable and worthy investment. Available in sizes ranging from 55″ – 98″, there’s a ViewBoard to fit any meeting space environment. Check out our current promotions on these incredible collaborative meeting space displays.

Factors to Consider

Learning curves can be difficult for some users. IFPDs can be highly complicated if you purchase the wrong one. They may not always be intuitive for the user and may even have functionalities you never use. Nothing is worse than wasting half of a meeting just trying to turn on the display! Thankfully, ViewBoards are easy to use and quick to learn. Forbes wrote an interesting article about when designers should choose intuitive vs. learned software systems. Making sure you choose a company that has your best interest in mind is important.

Troubleshooting is another big challenge for those who may not be tech-savvy. Some boards may require you to download certain software or use a certain browser, but it uses mysterious codes and keywords you’ve never seen before. ViewSonic provides a solution for this. From troubleshooting FAQs, online training courses, and contact services, you never have to face another IFPD problem again!

Incompatible software can be a huge issue if you’ve already made your purchase. Every IFPD has different requirements and compatibility. For example, maybe some only connect with laptops while others allow for mobile devices. For complete and easy collaboration, it’s important to double-check specs and installed software. So, if compatibility and versatile device usage is important for you, don’t worry! All ViweSonic ViewBoards come with the myViewBoard software preinstalled; Windows, Mac, Chrome, iOS, and Android users are able to connect to ViewBoard over wireless and wired networks.

Wireless Presentation Displays (WPDs) for Remote Meeting Spaces

Wireless presentation displays (WPDs) are hardware solutions for integrating multiple other devices into a single wireless system. Oftentimes these wireless presentation systems are external boxes that connect multiple devices, but standard wireless presentations have them built-in. This allows for an easy and cableless connection for all devices involved.

These devices pay for themselves with lower total cost of ownership and allow for smarter and more collaborative meeting spaces. However actual device size and limitations on interactive features are something you should consider when creating the perfect meeting space solution.


Wireless presentation displays are wireless all-in-one-presentation displays. These also allow for screen sharing and integrated multimedia display. They also do not require dongles or app installation and provide you with instant casting just by using opening a browser.

These are perfect for meeting spaces with high levels of sharing involved inside or outside. Wireless presentation displays are also great for businesses that have remote participants, and even commercial display. It is easy to connect single content to all displays for effective multi-group environments.


Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is lower than that of projectors or the like. Total cost of ownership refers to hidden costs such as maintenance or replacement parts. Unlike projectors, there is no need to replace lamps or do constant deep cleaning. Typically for these devices, you install the device then you are good to go.

Smarter meeting spaces are key for efficient business and organization. With options for remote and group sharing, you don’t have to worry about making sure everyone gets the correct information on time. This can allow for better time management which in turns allows for more collaboration on ideas or projects.

Workplace communication can be hard to maintain. However, with WPDs you can easy display things like schedule changes, important information, announcements, and more on a single commercial display. You can also have options for remote control meaning you can update information from anywhere in your business or at home. Career Addict offers a great list of reasons of why you need to start using good workplace communication strategies in your meeting space.

Mobility is one of the main pros to having a WPD. Despite the awesome cordless option, this also means you can easily move these displays to other areas of your business. You can either have them mounted to the wall, placed on a trolley, or have an e-poster system for even more mobility of the display.

Factors to Consider

Size may be an issue if you are working with limited space. Unfortunately, there aren’t throw-options like there are for projectors with Wireless Presentation Displays. If you are working in a smaller shared office space, it may make the room feel cramped and uncomfortable. Thankfully, ViewSonic offers better solutions for you if real estate is important for you. Refer to our projectors or maybe consider a smaller flat-panel display.

Interactive presentations are limited using only WPDs. While sharing information and remote collaboration is possible, unfortunately they are not recommended for highly productive brainstorming. There is not touch-enabled screens or pen features for this type of device.  If you feel like touch screens and more interactive meetings are needed for your conference room, refer back to our interactive flat panel displays to see if there is a better option for you!

Final Thoughts

Picking the perfect presentation display solution for your meeting space has never been easier. Wireless presentation displays and interactive flat panel displays are a fantastic choice to bring collaboration and productivity to any meeting space. There are also other options to explore outside of these as well such as projectors, video walls, and more.

If you still aren’t sure of what type of presentation display is the best fit for your company’s meeting space, contact us to ask your questions and get started! We’re happy to set up a completely customized demo to ensure you get the answers to all of your unique and specific questions. We’ll show you how to integrate your technology to fit your needs and help you to achieve your goals. Plus, you’ll automatically be entered to win a $200 visa gift card when you schedule a demo with us 🙂

(From the editor: This article was originally published on ViewSonic Library.)