The healthcare industry runs on files. From sensitive patient records to employee information, there are countless paper documents being generated and stored in healthcare facilities. With all of the printing and copying that is required to maintain those paper files, there are unique challenges such as updating and maintaining equipment and ensuring there is a constant supply of required materials.

Thankfully, utilizing print management services can help healthcare professionals gain complete control over their printing and copying devices, saving both time and money.

Advantages of Print Management for the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Printing Challenges

If you own or operate a medical practice, you know just how important it is to invest in business solutions for healthcare facilities. Generic solutions that work for other industries may simply not be appropriate for the unique conditions of the medical field. Let’s take a moment to discuss these challenges in a bit more detail.

Managing Printing Across Locations
When your facility has multiple printers throughout the building or even across separate buildings, it can be difficult to keep up with who is sending documents to be printed, what is printing where, and what materials are needed for which machine.

Streamlining the Monitoring, Auditing, and Reporting Process
Because of the problems presented by printing across multiple locations, it can be a struggle to accurately record and keep track of the documents for auditing purposes. Additionally, your facility may be subject to legal requirements regarding monitoring and reporting.

Adding New Printers and Updating Devices
As your practice continues to grow and expand, you may need to scale up the number of devices in your office and replace outdated equipment to keep up with demand. This can be an especially challenging task if you are left to handle the transition process on your own.

Maintaining Patient Privacy
Ensuring that your patient’s protected health information is kept confidential is one of the most critical tasks in any healthcare facility. However, if you don’t have the ability to keep track of the documents being printed and who is printing them, you run the risk of having an unauthorized individual gain access to sensitive information.

Benefits of Healthcare Print Management

Now that we have seen some of the biggest obstacles the healthcare industry faces when it comes to printed documents, let’s look at a few of the many ways managed print services can help medical professionals overcome these challenges.

Managing Reduce Your Printing Costs
By giving insight into what is being printed, how often, and by who, you can work to cut out unnecessary prints and save money. Additionally, you can keep your devices up to date while rolling all of your monthly printing expenses into a single bill, allowing you accurately track where your money is going.

Track and Control Print Output
With a managed print service, you can put controls in place such as print limits on specific devices, color restrictions, user permissions, and more. This allows you to cut out waste from your day-to-day operations.

Maximize Efficiency
Studies show that on average, employees in document-intensive environments spend about 30% of their workday searching for files. A managed print service significantly reduces this percentage by allowing for the digitization of each touchpoint in your office, from billing to archives, so that your entire staff can find what they need quickly and different departments can work together much more efficiently.

Increase Security and Compliance
To better secure your confidential files, a managed print service can be utilized to set up an authentication process so that print jobs are not started until an employee claims ownership by swiping a card or entering a PIN on the device. This service prevents documents from being left unattended for any length of time.

Create User-Friendly Printing Processes
By eliminating the hassle of sourcing materials, wasting supplies, and endlessly searching for vital information, you can create a printing and copying environment that is far less stressful and labor-intensive for your employees. As an added bonus, managed print services are designed to make your life easier with easy-to-understand interfaces and accessible support that is there for you when you need it.

Go Digital
While most hospitals and doctor offices have switched from paper to Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, these platforms often lack a critical function: the ability to securely share patient information with other providers or other healthcare systems.  A Xerox healthcare fax app healthcare providers exchange health information safely, securely and easily. This type of solution not only improves your workflows and moves information efficiently to other providers, but best of all the healthcare fax app keeps you compliant with privacy regulations.

Managed Print Services for Healthcare

Those in the healthcare industry that are looking for a way to reduce print spend, increase security, and improve efficiency throughout their organization are turning to managed print services at an increasing rate. This move is helping these organizations manage their documents and keep up with demand so that they may better serve their patients and grow their practice.

To prevent any slowdowns, a managed print service can provide you with everything you need to keep up with the demands of your growing organization including increasing the frequency of supplies being delivered as well as the number of multifunction devices in your workplace at any given time

Environmentally Friendly
As you work to cut out excessive materials usage, a managed print service can also ensure that the devices that you are using are as energy-efficient as possible. This will allow you to reach your goals of becoming more environmentally friendly for years to come.

Streamlined Billing
With a managed print service, all of your printing expenses will be combined into one monthly bill, eliminating the need to remember to pay multiple bills, keep up with multiple statements, or face unexpected charges.

Reduced IT Burden
A managed print service can relieve your IT department of the headache that comes with attempting to service or troubleshoot a multifunction device. The knowledgeable support staff supplied with your managed print service can quickly and easily get you back up and running.

Remote Monitoring
With integrated online capabilities, you can manage your practice’s printing and scanning activities from anywhere, giving you peace of mind when you’re out of the office.

Parmetech Has Your Healthcare Print Management Solutions

At Parmetech, we are proud to offer traditional managed print services in addition to expanded options that go beyond the standard cost-per-page pricing models. Using this service, you can advance the ways that your employees work with the technology in your practice resulting in a more productive and efficient workplace. To get started, send us an email or contact us for more information!