With digital transformation gaining popularity across all industries, now is the time for companies that haven’t yet started the process to begin planning to digitize their workflow. This is especially true for small businesses.

In an age where potential customers are finding everything they need to know about your business on a handheld device, through online web search, and/or through social media, your business can easily be left behind if you’re unable to keep up with digital trends. The best way to ensure that your small business doesn’t fall behind larger competitors is with digital transformation.

You may be thinking what is digital transformation or how can digital transformation help small businesses stay ahead of the curve and grow? Well, keep reading!

small business digital transformation

What is Digital Transformation?

So what is digital transformation? We define Digital transformation as the process by which a business evaluates its current processes and environment in order to establish what changes should be made to accommodate for the current digital age. Digital transformation is all about considering what your technology is really capable of and how you can adapt your current business processes to leverage and make the most out of your technology investments. Digital transformation is a gradual change, and can include:

  • Becoming active on social media and using a company account for marketing purposes.
  • Collecting data about your website and online presence, and using the results to adjust so that you can better reach your target audience.
  • Expanding your brand online and showcasing Ecommerce or digital services on your website.
  • Utilizing managed print services and cloud-based document management solutions to aid the transition from paper to digital files.

Even if your small business is still on a steady growth path, it is important to keep up with client expectations when it comes to the digital world. Today, information can be stored and accessed easily with devices that fit in the palm of your hand. With many consumers spending the majority of their time on their phones, businesses have already found value in adjusting their websites to be responsive across all platforms. This is just one example of digital transformation in the business world.

Where Should a Small Business Start with Digital Transformation?

The best way to start any big change is with a single step. Assessing your current business practices and recognizing where there is room for growth or change is the first step toward digital transformation in your small business. There is no one right way to carry out digital transformation; you can go at a pace that suits your needs and budget. The easiest changes you can make are by establishing a social media presence and connecting to your clients through these platforms. While you are bonding with your customers over hashtags, you are also spreading awareness of your brand at a much faster rate than you could achieve through more traditional methods.

Upgrading Small Business Technology

Part of digital transformation includes the use of a variety of devices, from tablets to computers, to printers, copiers, and scanners, and even interactive whiteboards and visual display solutions. You can’t expect your business to flourish with outdated technology but it’s also important to be smart about your technology investments. It’s not just about buying the latest and greatest technology, but rather investing in the technology that is going to help push your business forward and that can also be scaled up as you grow and your needs change.

It can be hard for smaller establishments to make room in their budget for new technology investments, but as we mentioned before, these investments don’t have to happen all at once. A lot of the time, you can leverage your existing technology to embrace digital transform and pretty simply transform manual, paper-based processes into more automated, digital workflows. And when it is time to replace or upgrade your existing technology, there are office technology companies out there who are focused on partnering with other small businesses to customize solutions and services to fit the budget and needs of a growing business. It’s all about finding the right technology that best fits your needs – at least that’s our philosophy at Parmetech. We can help you find the right technology within your budget while also helping you to transform your current processes to meet the needs of the world’s current digital age.

Managed Print Services & Digital Transformation for Your Small Business

Most companies have at least one small business printer, copier, or multifunction printer in their office to handle their printing needs. Office print devices have really evolved over the years and can contribute to many key business areas including: security, customer experience, digital workplace, productivity, sustainability, and more. This is especially true if you have a print management (aka managed print services) strategy in place.

While you may think that managed print services have nothing to do with digital transformation, this is actually not the case. We are seeing a shift in managed print services — moving away from the traditional physical management of print devices to a more digital management strategy which involves moving paper into digital workflows. This often involves utilizing printer apps and other software solutions to digitize, automate, and/or streamline manual and paper-based processes. In fact, evaluating your current print environment can be a great place to start when it comes to embracing digital transformation initiatives.

As an award-winning Managed Print Services Provider, Parmetech is here to help your small business make a digital transformation. You don’t have to be afraid of technology: we can walk you through the process of digitizing your work environment in a way that is easily digestible and manageable. In no time at all, your small business can begin your digital transformation journey and be on a path toward continued growth and success! Give us a call at (800) 727-6383, send us an email at info@parmetech.com, or connect with us through our website to learn more.