Parmetech Classroom Technology Award Program

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Education is constantly evolving and changing to meet the diverse needs of students and teachers. In today’s classrooms, classroom technology has become a driving force behind many of the latest learning trends, with innovative tools and platforms that enhance the student experience and provide new ways of teaching and learning.

We understand that not all schools and districts have access to the same resources and funding, and this can cause barriers and challenges for implementing classroom technology to improve the classroom experience for students and teachers alike, and to keep up with the ever-changing education landscape.

At Parmetech, we believe in that all education institutions should have access to the same resources and tools, and while we know this isn’t the reality of today’s education sector, we want to do our part to try and improve it. That’s why we created the Parmetech Classroom Technology Award Program. This program is designed to provide underserved schools and districts the opportunity to access interactive and other classroom technology to incorporate into their classrooms to improve the teaching/learning experience.

For the first launch of this program, we will be selecting two K-12 schools or districts to receive a 75″ ViewSonic interactive display on a cart to bring interactive technology and collaboration into their classroom(s). The program is currently open to all public, private and charter K-12 schools/districts located in Philadelphia County, Delaware County, Chester County, Montgomery County and Bucks County in Pennsylvania.

If you would like to nominate your own school/district or if you would like to nominate another school/district, please complete the application via our Google Forms page by September 30, 2023.

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As a local and national K-12 education technology solutions partner, Parmetech offers a number of different technology solutions for K-12 schools, including interactive classroom technology, that provide new opportunities for collaboration, creativity, and innovation in the classroom and improve the educational experience.

Ultimate Guide to EdTech

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Download our Ultimate Guide to Educational Technology for your one-stop resource for understanding the latest learning trends in today’s 21st century classrooms and how to integrate EdTech to support these trends, increase student engagement, and improve learning outcomes.

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A centerpiece for collaboration, interactive displays for education deliver incredible interactive capabilities for 21st century classrooms. Learn more about our various interactive classroom technology offerings – our portfolio options can fit any need, any environment, and any budget.

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