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Enhance the customer user experience with ViewSonic Visual Display Solutions that keep your business moving forward.

Thought ViewSonic boards were only for schools? You thought wrong.
Learn more about the ways ViewSonic’s visual solutions are transforming the business market.


Create an informative and inviting atmosphere that makes guests feel at home and help staff work efficiently


Dynamically manage menus, streamline service, and engage customers in every corner of the restaurant


From displaying travel schedules to interesting commercials, keep travelers informed and entertained


Close the distance with your customers and increase sales while providing next-level customer service support



Streamlined Hospitality Solutions

ViewSonic visual technology helps you create a comfortable and informative environment from the moment your customers walk in

large format displays and eposters for hospitality


Scheduled content will be displayed in the right place at the right time! Display floor guide information, upcoming events, and updated news for your customers to see clearly from any angle with the ePoster. Enhance product promotion and display information or display your brand image with a Large Format Display.

You can also manage, layout, and schedule content for all the signage displays throughout your space remotely.

Simplify check in with viewsonic pen display


Improve customer satisfaction and save money in the process with ViewSonic visual display solutions. With ViewSonic pen displays, you can easily streamline your customers’ check-in and check-out process.

Customers can view hotel information, reservation records, check amenity prices, and review invoices easily through the display, all while signing in with the V pen directly. The electronic signature can be saved as an encrypted file to ensure personal security and later be referenced if needed.


Create a Custom-Made Experience

Effectively attract attention with digital graphics and enhance the user experience

engage customers with ViewSonic ePosters


Boost your sales and provide a positive customer experience while catching the attention of potential customers!

Leveraging ViewSonic signage solutions such as large format displays and ePosters allows restaurant and shop owners to use vivid content to present menu items and promotional messaging clearly. Utilize an array of layout templates, social media platforms, and even HD video to engage your customers and keep them coming back.

display big screen entertainment with viewsonic projectors


ViewSonic projectors help you to display big screen entertainment with high-lumen projection at ease based on the restaurant space and controlled lighting environments. Through its easy installation, you can keep customers eating, drinking at the table while watching their sports games.

improve efficiency with viewsonic pen display


Speed up the checkout process and streamline workflows with ViewSonic visual display solutions. The ViewSonic Pen Display offers a quick and easy method for restaurant check-out, order history lookup, and document processing.

Simplify processes and allow restaurant staff to focus on providing better service while also reducing paper waste, displaying restaurant information and promote menu items all at the same time.


Smarter Ways to Communicate Your Message

Create a customized experience and keep travelers information and entertained during their journey


ViewSonic’s Large Format Display and ePoster transportation solutions are designed to enhance user experience with real-time notifications to staff and travelers with clear messaging that’s delivered 24/7!

Signage stations can be used to continuously broadcast dynamically shifting information while advertising client promotions at the same time. Flexible portrait and landscape mounting options and 4K video support allow passengers to receive detailed information easily within seconds.


Optimize the In-Store Experience

Provide customized content, improve efficiency and enhance your customers’ in-store experience

capture attention with viewsonic ePosters


With ViewSonic signage solutions, create vivid visuals that will capture your customers’ attention.

With large format displays and ePosters, you’re able to highlight popular merchandise and help attract more customers to your shop. When coupled with background music, customers will experience a memorable multisensory experience from the moment they step into your store!

share promotional content with shoppers via viewsonic projectors


Featuring laser phosphor technology and user-friendly features, let your messaging shine bright!

Easy to integrate into any retail space, ViewSonic high brightness professional installation laser projectors allow you to deliver eye-catching video and promotional material straight to your customers so you can impress shoppers with immersive images.

Provide customized content and improve connectivity with ViewSonic Touch Monitors


ViewSonic’s touch monitors improve your customers’ shopping experience by allowing them to check shopping mall or in-store information. Intuitive gestures such as tapping, swiping, pinching and more are made directly on the screen for ease of use and deliver high-quality images.

Customization for the content you display is easy too, allowing you to make improvements that positively impact customer satisfaction such as displaying purchase details to a customer when they check out.

improve efficiency with viewsonic pen display


Cut down the amount of time customers spend queueing up during check-out and reduce overhead costs in the process with a streamlined digital workflow. ViewSonic pen displays allow you to easily streamline check-out and payment in your store by integrating signature pads into your already existing system with ease.

What’s more – all digital information is encrypted to ensure personal security and can be easily stored to make digital data management more efficient.

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Frequently Asked Questions About ViewSonic Business Visual Solutions

Visual display solutions include large format displays, ePosters, digital kiosks, projectors, touch monitors and more. Visual display solutions are used to enhance the customer experience and create consistent communications across your organization.
Visual display solutions can benefit your business by enhancing the customer experience, improving efficiency, and creating consistent and customized communications across your organization and business spaces.