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Empowering educators and teachers to teach from anywhere with ease.

Modern Solutions for Education – Hybrid Learning

Whether you are in the classroom, teaching from home, or reaching your students via a combination of both, our education solutions for today’s modern classroom environment deliver everything you need to reach your students…wherever they may be.

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Back to School Solutions

Whether you are teaching from home, or if you are back in the classroom, we offer a full suite of education solutions to help you reach your students no matter the location. Our education hardware, software, and service offerings through our partnership with ViewSonic empower hybrid learning initiatives and deliver improved outcomes for teaching, learning and collaboration everywhere, every time.

Hardware Solutions

Make back to school easier and better than ever! Let us lead you in designing and implementing a more connected classroom.

ViewSonic ViewBoard for Education

ViewSonic ViewBoard Interactive Displays

From creating digital content and capturing lessons with video, to organizing digital assignments, ViewSonic ViewBoard interactive displays deliver all you need to reach your students wherever they may be. Learn more about how you can utilize ViewSonic ViewBoard interactive displays to support hybrid learning and simultaneously teach and share lessons with students in class and students learning remotely.

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ViewSOnic VB Pen Pad

ViewSonic ViewBoard Notepad

ViewBoard Interactive Display Series empower teachers with the tools they need to teach effectively. Working with digital content can be challenging, unless you have a device that lets you annotate. The ViewBoard Notepad is a physical notepad that connects to your computer – write and draw on real paper while recording, saving and sharing all your pen strokes to your students in real-time online.

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hybrid student using the ViewSonic ViewBoard Pen Display

ViewSonic ViewBoard Pen Display

Part of the Interactive Display Series, the ViewSonic Pen Display is a versatile 13” interactive pen display that delivers an intuitive writing, drawing and annotating for an interactive whiteboarding experience in any location. It can also be plugged into a PC or laptop and used as a secondary touch device for sharing online lessons.

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Nureva Dual HDL300 Virtual Microphone System

The increasing popularity of distance learning highlights the demand for high-quality audio conferencing systems in educational settings. With 16,384 virtual microphones and precision speakers, the Dual HDL300 provides true full-room coverage and handles all your audio needs for classrooms and more up to 30′ x 50′ (9.1 x 15.2 m).

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ClearOne UNITE 180 4K Panoramic Tracking Camera

Designed for professional-quality visual collaboration, conferencing, UC applications, distance learning, and more, the UNITE 180 camera provides six viewing modes for room and participant close-ups. Ideal for hybrid learning environments, this ePTZ professional camera provides a full 180-degree panoramic field-of-view with “real-time stitching” to achieve a variety of useful viewing modes for any application and environment.

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Poly Studio Premium USB Video Bar

Delivering the best audio quality in its class and group framing and automatic speaker tracking, the Poly Studio USB video bar  is a premium all-in-one video conference camera & sound bar system that helps connect your hybrid classroom. With an integrated camera, stereo speakers, and a six-microphone array, teachers can simultaneously interact with students who are in class and those who are remote, even when moving about the classroom.

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Software Solutions

Packed with a variety of software tools to support hybrid learning and help teachers produce an effective and engaging classroom environment, both in person and digitally, myViewBoard Suite is a visual learning platform built with teachers in mind.

myViewBoard Suite

ViewSonic myViewBoard™ software is a powerful tool that enables teachers to build dynamic lesson plans, import engaging content, and share lessons with students – all with one easy click. Whether yours is a Windows, Android, or cloud environment, myViewBoard works well with existing technology and seamlessly integrates into nearly any classroom.

Training Solutions

Need help teaching from home or from the physical classroom? We’ve got you covered!

ViewSonic Professional Development

Professional Development

We understand the challenges of learning new technologies and methods while simultaneously creating lessons for students. We can offer both virtual and in-person professional development and training solutions to support any hybrid learning initiatives you may have. You can also access an extensive library of online resources to build your knowledge and skills.

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Digital Transformation in Education

Can you think of an aspect of life that has not yet been influenced by digital transformation and technology?
Chances are high that the answer is no.

cartoon highlighting the elements of digital transformation in the educator sector

Complete Guide to Digital Transformation in Education

From interactive whiteboards to front-facing projectors, the digital transformation in the education sector has yielded its own technological industry – EdTech. Since much of the digital transformation in the education sector is rather new, many are still unaware of EdTech and how it has changed the face of education forever. Read on to learn more about digital transformation in the education sector and how to make the most of it.

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