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Lecture Hall & Classroom Technology Higher Education Solutions


When it comes to preparing college students for a transition into the workforce and having a successful career, collaborative and interactive technology on college campuses becomes that much more important. Whether yours is a Windows, Mac, Chrome, or Android environment,  ViewSonic interactive displays for education and digital whiteboarding software work well with existing technology and can seamlessly integrate into nearly any classroom or learning environment.  Empower teachers and faculty to build dynamic lessons, import engaging content, and share lessons with students – anywhere, at anytime, with just one click.
Interactive Displays for Higher Education Solutions


Instantaneous campus communication is key when it comes to keeping students, faculty, and visitors informed. Digital signage is a terrific and flexible way to improve campus communication and provide information to students, teachers, and faculty quickly and effortlessly. Publish news and announcements, promote upcoming events, alert campus of emergency notifications, share social media feeds, and more — the possibilities are endless!

Digital signage displays for higher education can be implemented anywhere throughout campus. Our digital signage solutions provide a simple and efficient way of communicating with students, faculty, and staff no matter where they are located on campus.

Top Technology for Higher Education


Cut down on classroom clutter and say goodbye to expensive docking stations with the ViewSonic® VG56 series of docking monitors. With monitor options of either 24″ or 27″ display size and a single USB-C cable that delivers video, audio, data and charging power to peripherals such as tablets and laptops, ViewSonic’s docking monitors for Higher Education help students and teachers improve efficiency and streamline their set up.

What’s more, ergonomic design features such as height adjustment, swivel, tilt, and pivot functionality enable any user to adjust the monitor to their exact preference quickly and easily for less strain and greater productivity.

docking monitors for higher education solutions


Significantly improve teaching while achieving greater teacher-student interaction with the ViewSonic ID2456 Touch Monitor. Designed around the concept that the podium plays a vital and central role still in today’s modern classrooms, this smart podium solution allows teachers to bring their creativity into their lectures while transforming the traditional teaching environment into a modern classroom with real-time interaction.

Functioning as the primary monitor or as a supporting display, the ViewSonic ID2456 touch monitor delivers productivity as a smart podium solution and can be easily adopted in university classrooms or lecture halls and the simple operations make digital teaching exceptionally flexible.
digital teaching with interactive smart podium solutions


Globally, esports has grown into a billion-dollar industry, with millions in prizes, huge viewership metrics, and a surge of player growth. Esports in higher education opens up opportunities for students to build confidence, teamwork, and grit through competitive gaming, while helping them to develop the hard & soft skills necessary to prepare to pursue career pathways. Like any sport, esports requires talent, dedication, and the right tools:

  • Competition-Grade Hardware: Student athletes get to play with the same hardware as the pros.
  • Talk Strategy on an Interactive Display: Use ViewSonic’s digital whiteboarding in person or online to plan and execute tactics.
  • Ergonomics for Better Screen Time: ViewSonic’s Esports monitors are designed with built-in eyecare technologies and advanced ergonomic features to protect student athlete’s health.
esports in education

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How Parmetech Can Help Your Higher Education Institution
through Print Management Solutions & Services

  • Simplifies the printing process and saves time for students, faculty, and staff.

  • Helps institutions save money on printing costs by identifying areas where waste can be reduced.

  • Offers flexible solutions that can be adapted to both in-person and remote environments.

  • Provides cloud-based printing solutions that make it easy for students and faculty to print from anywhere.

  • Streamlines billing and accounting processes, making it easier for institutions to manage their finances.

  • Offers a range of support services, including technical support and maintenance, to ensure that the your printing and multifunction solutions are running smoothly and effectively.

  • Improves overall operational flow by providing a centralized system for managing printing needs.

  • Helps institutions reduce their environmental footprint by promoting sustainable printing practices.

  • Enables institutions to focus on their core mission of education by taking care of their print management needs.

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Contact us today to learn how we can help your institution create a seamless hybrid learning experience that incorporates the best of both in-person and online learning.

At Parmetech, we understand that higher education institutions are adapting to new models of learning, including hybrid and remote learning, which require new tools and technologies to support students and faculty. Our hybrid learning solutions are designed to help institutions create a seamless learning experience that incorporates both in-person and online components.

Our collaborative technology solutions enable students and faculty to engage in real-time, whether they’re in the same classroom or participating remotely. Our higher education solutions make it easy for students and faculty to access course materials, assignments, and other documents from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

At Parmetech, we are committed to providing higher education institutions with the tools and technologies they need to support hybrid learning and achieve their goals.


In today’s digital age, document management is more important than ever for higher education institutions. With the amount of paperwork generated by students, faculty, and staff, it can be difficult to keep track of everything and ensure that documents are properly stored and accessible when needed. Managing student records such as transcripts, class schedules, loans, scholarships, and other information can be uniquely challenging. On top of that, administration also needs to manage business data such as vendor invoices, revenue records, and payroll. That’s where Parmetech’s document management solutions come in.

Our cloud-based document management solutions for higher education ensure that data is both secure and easily accessible. This is particularly important in today’s hybrid workplace environment, where staff are not always in the same location when trying to access records. With our solutions, institutions can reduce their reliance on paper-based documents, which not only saves money but also helps promote sustainability.

document management for higher education

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