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Esports in Education
Overview Technology Webinar

esports in education

Esports in education opens up opportunities for students to build confidence, teamwork, and grit through competitive gaming.

Watch this recorded webinar for an overview of Esports and its benefits in education, including developing programs that help students learn and grow, and a look at ViewSonic’s gaming solutions that are designed to give students the edge needed for any gaming environment and esports education need.

Enhancing Education Through Technology –
Technology Webinar

communication teacher in class

Education is in a state of rapid change. We’ve come a long way since the humble blackboard. Are you embracing the need to adapt learning spaces?

Watch this recorded webinar for a deep dive into education’s rapidly changing environment and to explore how to leverage powerful interactive tools to enhance learning in the 21st century classroom.

Next Generation
Meeting Spaces
Technology Webinar

video presentation in boardroom

Lost meeting productivity is a big deal. Problems arise when situations conspire to sap meeting time and productivity. Because we spend so much time in meetings, even a relatively small percentage of wasted time quickly adds up.

Watch this recorded webinar for a deep dive into next generation meeting spaces and how you can make your company’s meetings more productive, more efficient, more interesting, and more secure.

Supporting Hybrid Learning
Strategies with ViewSonic

Hybrid teaching has quickly becoming one of the most useful teaching methods. Because of its versatility and flexible options, teachers can still use many of the traditional teaching strategies they know simply by adapting them to a hybrid setting to ensure success in the classroom.

Check out this recorded webinar for an overview of some of the the most effective hybrid learning strategies for today’s classroom environment as well as a live demo of how ViewSonic solutions can support & enhance these strategies.

myViewBoard Learning
Platform for Education

The modern classroom requires a visual learning solution made to bridge physical & virtual learning spaces. ViewSonic’s myViewBoard Suite is packed with a variety of software tools to help teachers produce an effective & engaging classroom environment, both in person and digitally.

Watch the recorded webinar to learn more about myViewBoard digital whiteboarding software and the comprehensive suite of apps purposefully-built to allows teachers to work and teach like they always have.

Real-Time Collaboration
Through Online Platforms

business group collaborating at table

Nothing leads to better results than working together. With group projects, both in business and in education — Collaboration is key. But are real-time collaboration platforms the key to the future of online learning?

Watch this recorded webinar for an exploration into the advantages and disadvantages of real-time collaboration through online platforms. Plus a live demo of ViewSonic QuickBoard for education and business-related applications.

ConnectKey Apps for the Legal Industry

Digital apps for the legal industry

According to most recent surveys, law firms that have changed their approach to information, and staffing are consistently likely to see improved gross revenue, revenue per lawyer, and profits per equity partner.

Check out the recorded webinar below for a deep dive into how apps designed for the legal industry can completely transform the way you work by that simplifying paper-intensive processes and let professionals focus on non-standard legal tasks.

ConnectKey Apps for

Businesses spend far too much time dealing with everyday processes that are essential for that business to operate. According to IDC’s Document Processes Survey 2019, staff time is spent on admin tasks and not their core business role due to the inefficient processes they have to deal with.​

Check out the recorded webinar, Creating More Time to Focus on What Matters, to see how SMB organizations can leverage workplace apps to streamline and transform many business processes, especially those that are paper based.

ConnectKey Apps for the Healthcare Industry

By simplifying processes, healthcare providers can improve patient care. Xerox apps can help turn slow, paper-driven, manual processes into fast, digital ones. They can connect the community of care and help ensure the patient records are in the right hands.

Check out the recorded webinar, Creating More Time to Focus on What Matters, to see how organizations can leverage workplace apps for the healthcare industry to streamline inefficient processes and maximize existing investments into cloud services.

Xerox PrimeLink Printer
Live Demo

Say yes to more and the Xerox® PrimeLink® family will help you deliver! Advanced automation, productivity-boosting EFI server workflows for both color printers and black-and-white printers and next-level reliability mean these workhorses will never clock out so you can always be creating.

With stunning image quality, tons of new applications and next-level reliability, automation and security, watch this live demo to see first-hand how the Xerox PrimeLink can help you push print to new levels.