Recorded Webinars

Enhancing Education Through Technology

communication teacher in class

Education is in a state of rapid change. We’ve come a long way since the humble blackboard. Are you embracing the need to adapt learning spaces?

Watch this recorded webinar for a deep dive into education’s rapidly changing environment and to explore how to leverage powerful interactive tools to enhance learning in the 21st century classroom.

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Next Generation
Meeting Spaces

video presentation in boardroom

Lost meeting productivity is a big deal. Problems arise when situations conspire to sap meeting time and productivity. Because we spend so much time in meetings, even a relatively small percentage of wasted time quickly adds up.

Watch this recorded webinar for a deep dive into next generation meeting spaces and how you can make your company’s meetings more productive, more efficient, more interesting, and more secure.

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Real-Time Collaboration
Through Online Platforms

business group collaborating at table

Nothing leads to better results than working together. With group projects, both in business and in education — Collaboration is key. But are real-time collaboration platforms the key to the future of online learning?

Watch this recorded webinar for an exploration into the advantages and disadvantages of real-time collaboration through online platforms. Plus a live demo of ViewSonic QuickBoard for education and business-related applications.

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