Xerox® Connect App for Sage Accounting

Fewer steps, fewer errors, more savings.
Painless payment processing is possible with this invoice processing app.

What is the true cost of invoice processing?
Time is money, and manual processing can cost businesses a lot of both. In fact, manual processing can be up to 88% slower than electronic processing with automation – taking an average of 25 days to process a single invoice.
With the Xerox® Connect App for Sage Accounting, processing and payment is as simple as scan, review and submit. The app removes steps and errors that can slow you down, which means no more bottle necks or backlogs – just real time and cost savings. It uses Google AI to extract invoice data, so you can review and edit before scanning directly into your Sage account.

Speed Up Payment Processing

invoice icon

Collect invoices and/or payments

scanning multifunction printer icon

Scan individually for automatic processing

spreadsheet icon

Review and edit all data fields and submit

It’s Never Been Easier to Get Paid Faster

Your suppliers want to get paid fast, and you do too. A few quick taps is all it takes to preview, zoom, add contacts, select ledger accounts and change tax rates right from the user interface.
select workflow screen on sage accounting app


Choose “Scan Vendor Invoice” or “Scan Payment” from the switchboard.

preview screen on sage accounting app


Scan invoices and payments, preview for accuracy. Google AI extracts data for auto-processing.

review screen on sage accounting app


Review and edit data on device and submit.

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