All-In-One Digital Kiosks

Digital kiosks are great for grabbing attention in busy, high-traffic areas. Eye-catching images within sleek and slim designs perfect for up-close, high-impact messaging.

The performance of professional dynamic signage – no AV expertise needed! Cleverly designed with everything to get (and keep) you up and running – commercial-grade media player, content management software, versatile connectivity, stunning resolution, and more.

viewboard interactive displays


Available in sleek single, or double-sided designs, ViewSonic free-standing ePoster kiosks make it easy to replace old-fashioned backlit printed signs and are also great for wayfinding applications.
Meet your installation objectives with sizes ranging from 10” mini-billboards (ideal for retail POS and meeting room ID) to large-screen kiosks and billboards (ideal for anywhere, anytime high-impact dynamic messaging).
viewboard interactive displays


Photo and video files can be played back using the embedded media player and internal memory.
Create, update, schedule and manage with creativity and ease. Design messages and get them to the right audience at the right time with remote LAN support – for updates and scheduling from afar with any Windows PC or laptop.
viewboard interactive displays


A convenient media player cradle can accommodate a PC or an additional mounted media player, while a lockable door keeps things secure and out of sight.
Easier content loading. Secure data. Reliable playback. All-in-one convenience is all the better with ample storage. Ours come loaded with it for hours upon hours of smooth, high-definition multimedia content delivery.

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