Conversion Apps Available Through Parmetech

Go digital with your documents to save office space, lower costs, and reduce waste. Use your multifunction printer to convert paper documents into digital formats and resources allowing for easy emailing, storage, editing retrieval, translating and even listening.

Xerox® Easy Translator App

Instant machine language translations from MFP, phone or PC.  Easily translate and localize over 50 languages, including French, German, Lithuanian, Japanese, and Hmong Daw.

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Audio Documents

Transform hardcopy documents into MP3 files. In one easy scan, unleash new levels of productivity by listening to your files, wherever, whenever.

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CapturePoint App

A cloud service that enables Xerox MFPs to provide organizations  with powerful, secure document scanning & quickly transform paper into editable, actionable information in the cloud.

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OptimiDoc Cloud

Securely capture, convert, and route documents automatically to your chosen storage destination.

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Xerox ConnectKey Technology

casual business people and printer

Xerox ConnectKey transforms your printer into a smart workplace assistant. As a proven technology solution, ConnectKey helps collaborators communicate, connect and work from anywhere.

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ConnectKey Product Portfolio

Print, copy, scan, fax and so much more with a ConnectKey Enabled Multifunction Printer.

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